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Marcus Sarfeld

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Richtig so...Trooper😇
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Dan Tube

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Chronological Cut Trailer
#starwars   #theforceawakens  
#starwarstrailer   #chronological  
#kyloren   #firstorder  
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Chewie NO!!!!!
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Luigi Gaskell

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This is part of the Star Wars legends timeline (it's Old Republic timeline). Just because it's part of an alternate timeline and is not part of the current canon in the movies does not mean that force sensitives could not have done this (again, this is part of the "Legends" universe). 
Now, I remember some HALO fanboys claiming that Master Chief could defeat a Sith Lord or a Jedi master........I wonder if they'd still think so after watching this.
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+Liam Day Dude. Watch the gif in the link. Then watch "Darth Sidious vs Darth Maul and Savage Opress" from The Clone Wars on Youtube.

A Sith Lord or a Jedi master can throw opponents around with the force.

Jedi and Sith always use the force. This whole "Without the force, Chief would win" thing is silly. Without the force, there is no Jedi or Sith.
The Sith/Jedi gets to use the force. Period. No exceptions.
You're already giving Chief his armor and weapons, I see no reason why we shouldn't allow the Jedi or the Sith to use their force powers.

Again, force sensitives can predict their opponents' next move and read their thoughts. There's also force lightning, and force choke.

Jedi and Sith wield lightsabers like Samurai. I've played HALO, and the energy sword is often just swung around and thrusted like a giant broadsword. Lightsaber wielders use elegant martial arts to wield the lightsaber, and they can strike at vital parts of the body with deadly efficiency. 
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RockyRailroad Productions

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On Mech Monday, you can post any content related to the quirky, lovable little astromech droids from a galaxy far far away through the hashtag octothorpe #Mechmonday

Here's something I found on, an R4-P series astromech droid
(note; I had no part in the construction of this droid, nor the photograph taken, and I claim no ownership of it, I simply reposted it for the enjoyment of the G+ Star Wars community)
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: Aren't you a bit short for an astromech Droid? 
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Daniel Frank

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Dan NoReg (DannoReg)

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Battlefront should have included a story mode 😕 
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+RockyRailroad Productions I also played both Force Unleashed in Wii. They seemed really diminished in comparison to the other versions. And the extra multiplayer games were awful. 
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Brandon Tahl

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So quit clonin' around!
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That's on Lucas, he set it up so it looks like we see the birth of stormtroopers when we first see the clones. 
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Joseph Gardner

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Something I drew that I thought you guys might enjoy.

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Space Walrus

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I got Finn. :D
this is a personality quiz on which new starwars the force awakens you are.....keep in mind the movie isn't out yet and we don't know the full length of some characters personalities :)
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+Bobby Tawil I put that too, rey though
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Does it bother anybody else that in the force awakens, the rebel alliance is still on the run. I mean I understand that they had to destroy the extended universe, but I figured that they would have at least kept the story of the New Republic being formed and a new Jedi order on Yavin. But.... nope. Somehow a broken empire was still able to maintain power. 
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+Lucia The Reptilian The Empire didn't just collapse.
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Come join!
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Lucas Arnold

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Battle of Korriban.
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Cassandra Aethelu (Viv)

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I just found out about this site a little under an hour, and despite some obvious problems, which are entirely caused by myself, it seems pretty cool.
But depending on the quality saber they'd ship you, and what the materials used, it could be a bit pricey. I'll need to look into it a bit more.

Below is the Lightsaber I customized, even though it could never be build from this place. 

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saberforge is better
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Brice Astruc (VOBULE)

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Super !!!!👍👍👏
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Danny Trujillo

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Kylo and some FO Stormies!
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Super !!!👍👍👍
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Salem vamp

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Thank you 
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Bradley Williamson

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My favorite character. Wish he got more screen time.. Maybe in rebels. 
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It might not be IG-88, but the same type of droid was used in a Star Wars short made by the Dave School. If you wanted to see more of the IG series in action, you can check it out here. ^_^
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D Watson

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What do you guys/gals think happened with the Darth Maul & The Death Watch after the events of Son of Dathomir.
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+Ian Mitchell Watch the Clone Wars tv show from 2008 and read the comic series called Son of Dathomir.
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Renen Abendamohann (Grunt)

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This is in the novelization of Episode III, The Revenge of the Sith. The scene where Chancellor Palpatine is confronted by Jedi Master Mace Windu, Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Jedi Master Agen Kolar, and Jedi Master Saesee Tiin.

Palpatine: "Why Master Windu, what a pleasant surprise."

Windu: "Hardly a surprise, Chancellor, and it will be pleasant for neither of us."

Palpatine: "I'm sorry? Master Fisto, hello. Master Kolar, greetings. I trust you are well. Master Tiin, I see your horn has regrown; I'm very glad. What brings four Jedi Masters to my office at this hour?"

Windu: "We know who you are, what you are. We are here to take you into custody."

Palpatine: "I beg your pardon? What I am? When last I checked, I was Supreme Chancellor of the Republic you are sworn to serve. I hope I misunderstood what you mean by custody, Master Windu. It smacks of treason."

Windu: "You're under arrest."

Palpatine: "Really, Master Windu, you cannot be serious. On what charge?"

Windu: "You're a Sith Lord!"

Palpatine: "Am I? Even if true, that's hardly a crime. My philosophical outlook is a personal matter. In fact, the last time I read the Constitution anyway, we have very strict laws against this type of persecution. So I ask you again: what is my alleged crime? How do you expect to justify your mutiny before the Senate? Or do you intend to arrest the Senate as well?"

Windu: "We're not here to argue with you."

Palpatine: "No, you're here to imprison me without trial. Without even the pretense of legality. So this is the plan, at last: the Jedi are taking over the Republic."

Windu: "Come with us. Now."

Palpatine: "I shall do no such thing. If you intend to murder me, you can do so right here."

Windu: "Don't try to resist."

(The sound of lightsabers activating can be heard.)

Palpatine: "Resist? How could I possibly resist? This is murder, you Jedi traitors! How can I be any threat to you? Master Tiin, you're telepathic. What am I thinking right now?"

(Sounds of scuffle and a garbled Agen Kolar and Kit Fisto.)

Palpatine: "Help! Help! Security, someone! Help me! Murder! Treason!"

(The audio shuts off interrupted with the swing of a blade.)

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General Grievous

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Here's a compilation of my jump-pack deaths.
Definitely my favorite way to go out in battle. ^_^
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