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Just published a pretty unknown tip about using a control panel to boost your productivity with Sketch 🚀

I thought you might want to check it out 🤗

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Would love any feedback on my new Facebook Messenger Concept! It shows how artificial intelligence can be used to make sharing faster and simpler.

Obviously, created with Sketch.

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I made the app icon as well. (Using Inkscape)
Mockup for Lollypop's homepage 

I originally intended to do a redesign for Inkscape's page since it's not that modern (anymore) but came across Lollypop's and thought it was the one to do since I already made artwork for it anyway. And it's easier to do. :P


cc/ +Cédric Bellegarde 

Anyone using Sketch to do PDF presentations?

I experience even super simple artboards to be 5-6MB after export to PDF - crazy huge a 10 slide deck becomes.

I would love to hear some tips/tricks from others who also use Sketch for presentations.

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Hi everyone! I'm happy to share with you this little game I launched with two friends :) DoNot is a funny way to test and train your reflexes. 

First, the Classic mode: Green screen? go the arrow's direction. Red screen? Go the opposite way!
Then, the Expert mode: Go the previous arrow's direction!

The "swipe masters" can unlock the Expert mode reaching 150pts on Classic mode. Otherwise, you can also get it with In App Purchase.

Hope you guys will enjoy it :) 
Have fun!

I was wondering how everyone is integrating Sketch into their process for handing off to front-end developers that are on a #pc? I'm using to creating designs in #phototshop then just handing the psd's over to a front-end devloper (or slice & code myself). In using Sketch, that is an issue because Sketch isn't available for PC. Are you exporting all assets and CSS Styles from Sketch, and maybe doing some annotations or some type of spec sheet and then handing off? 

I'm curious because it seems like another step in the process, it seems I might have to revert back to doing designs in #psd since all our front-end dev's are on a pc.

I'd love to know your thoughts and process.

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I haven't participated yet in this community so I figured I could share this.
I created a tutorial to create the icons below. Let me know your thoughts.

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Hey guys! I have a strange font bug in sketch 3 which is driving me crazy :-(  Does someone has a workaround for that problem? THX
Animated Photo

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Is there any way to stop Sketch from exiting a grouped layer or symbol when dragging out a selection rectangle. e.g. something similar to isolation mode in Illustrator, Macaw, Fireworks, Flash, etc.?

Check out the attached screencast where I'm trying to select the three ovals which are grouped with a star that I do not want to select.

1. The ovals and the star are not yet grouped, and I can select the stars by dragging a selection rectangle over them. This is no problem!
2. Then I group the shapes. Again, I want to select the ovals and not the star, so I double click to enter the group. But then as soon as I begin dragging out a selection rectangle, the group is exited.
3. With a background layer the situation is even worse. As soon as I begin dragging a selection rectangle, the group is exited and the background layer is moved.
4. As a comparison, Illustrator handles this very elegantly. Once I enter a group (or symbol), by double-clicking - it enters isolation mode and I can only select and modify objects within the isolated group/symbol.

Of course I know I can make selections in the layers list, but that feels so "Photoshop"  For now I'm having some success locking any background layers and using the CMD modifier while dragging out the selection marquee, but it's very fiddly when dealing with complex UI designs.

What the hell is up with pasting in Sketch? 

When I paste something, it goes in a totally random place way outside of my viewport, unless I click an object first, in which case it at least goes somewhere nearby.

Does anyone have a plug in to make it so that when I hit paste it either puts the thin in the center of my screen or in the same place it was on the artboard from which I copied it?  
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