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Hello, I have read almost every book, cool to find this community.  +Jacob Kloutier   Are you the owner of this cool group too?

Hello, everyone! I am me. Nice to see you all.

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Awesome post from reddit.

Mind just exploded on chapter two Words of radiance. 

Who would Win... Jedi vs Surgebinder? 

And GO!

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New post up with updates on the Words of Radiance release (less than two weeks away!), creative writing class videos, & Writing Excuses episodes.

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One of the most profound things I have read. This has changed the way I look at things. 
What do men consider the most valuable of talents? One mentioned artistic ability, as you so keenly guessed. Another chose great intellect. The final chose the talent to invent, the ability to design and create marvelous devices. Aesthetic genius, invention, acumen, creativity. Noble ideals indeed. Most men would pick one of those, if given a choice, and name them the greatest of talents. What beautiful liars we are. In this, as in all things, our actions give us away. 

If an artist creates a work of powerful beauty - using new and innovative techniques - she will be lauded as a master, and will launch a new movement in aesthetics. Yet what if another, working independently with that exact same level of skill, were to make the same accomplishments the very next month? Would she find similar acclaim? No. She’d be called derivative. 

Intellect. If a great thinker develops a new theory of mathematics, science, or philosophy, we will name him wise. We will sit at his feet and learn, and will record his name in history for thousands upon thousands to revere. But what if another man determines the same theory on his own, then delays in publishing his results by a mere week? Will he be remembered for his greatness? No. He will be forgotten. 

Invention. A woman builds a new design of great worth - some fabrial or feat of engineering. She will be known as an innovator. But if someone with the same talent creates the same design a year later - not realizing it has already been crafted - will she be rewarded for her creativity? No. She’ll be called a copier and a forger. 

And so, in the end, what must we determine? Is it the intellect of a genius that we revere? If it were their artistry, the beauty of their mind, would we not laud it regardless of whether we’d seen their product before? But we don’t. Given two weeks of artistic majesty, otherwise weighted equally, we will give greater acclaim to the one who did it first. It doesn’t matter what you create. It matters what you create before anyone else. So it’s not the beauty itself we admire. It’s not the force of intellect. It’s not invention, aesthetics, or capacity itself. The greatest talent that we think a man can have? Seems to me that it must be nothing more than novelty. 

-- Wit, The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson

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Coming to a town near you!
Here are full details on how to get a signed copy of WORDS OF RADIANCE. The tour, the midnight release, the signing-by-mail, etc.
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