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Just curious, if everyone quits before I win and the players go to AI for being AFK, do I win for being the last one left or do I have to defeat all the AI empires to win?

I wanted to play this game with some friends but realised you need to have a premium account to create private matches. I was wondering if all of us would need to buy a premium account to play together, or if only I need to buy one in order to create a private match and invite my non-premium friends into it?

Can anyone help me comprehend how combat damage is calculated? I've never been good at maths, but I thought I understood how it works. I have a battle approaching and decided to use the combat calculator to check my math, only to realise I was extremely wrong.

I was under the impression at weapons tech 1, each ship does 1 DMG and has 1 HP. Defenders get one extra weapons tech so they get to attack first and would do 2 DMG per ship So I thought if you are defending with 10 ships and your opponent is attacking with 20 ships, defender's 10 ships will do 20 DMG and destroy the attacking fleet before they get their attack in.

Clearly I was wrong though, so can anyone give me an idiot proof correct method?

Recapturing Abandoned Stars

Asking a question on behalf of a friend. He abandoned a star by accident and then recaptured it a few hours later. He is reporting that his scanning is now not working from that star. Is this something anyone else has come across? A feature or a bug maybe?

Thanks in advance!

+Ricky Paginton

I have no idea how to address this particular problem, but it is frustrating to say the least. Basically in a random star map, those people that spawn at the edges of the map have a very distinct advantage over everyone else on the map. So much so that I've never seen someone start in the interior win a game or even come in in the top 3 without SIGNIFICANT alliances with someone on the exterior.

This can be explained away by saying that diplomacy is an integral part of the game, but those on the exterior only have to be diplomatic with 1 or 2 other enemies where as those on the interior can have up to 6 fronts to deal with. To use a MMO term, it isn't well balanced.

What happens in game if you loose all your stars? Are you still able to see progress, send/receive messages etc?

You can figure out how much money to send the AI in return for tech if you have good relation, but what about if the AI is already +8? The amount of money to send disappears from their profile. Does this mean you can't send money for tech anymore?

I was choosing what tech do research next and I thought it would be nice to have a fourth column on Research Progress. On that column you would have the time needed to finish the research on the current total science available. Was that too complex to implement?

[EDIT] Maybe the ETA could be put just next to tech next to research.
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