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Outstanding article about #Mylio and my friend Kevin Gilbert in @OutdoorPhotoMag. check it out - #photography

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Features I Love on Mylio:

Calendar View – I love this feature. It arranges every digital image you have ever taken and sorts it on a calendar. I’m not saying it does this for a single camera. It creates a master calendar that combines images from your camera, your spouses, a friends, your iPhone, iPad, and I forgot to mentions pictures you have posted on Facebook, or pictures on Facebook in which you are tagged. It provides views of entire decades, years, months, and days.
Join us in the Mylio User Group if you want to be part of the discussion. You don't need to be a photographer, you just need to shoot pictures, even with your phone.
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I have been testing Mylio for about six weeks now. This is the biggest jump forward in photography since the advent of the digital camera. To get it early, go to , and sign up. The product is scheduled to launch soon, so sign up if you want to change the way you experience photography.
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