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Saving the Tech Industry - Bringing Back Magic

This video is horrible quality, long, and only has one redeeming aspect (which won't be found in the 10 minutes of rambling.

It's a ten minute over-complicated explanation for an actually brilliant Google+ feature request. I'm not even going to mention the feature request, as that's exclusive VIP content for my video fans.

Divergent Thinking

One of these days people will finally understand that I'm a total rambling lunatic with hidden gems sprinkled throughout my weirdness.

I usually end up being right in the end, but people initially think I'm nuts. Someone a few years later comes up with the same idea, convinces the right people, and invents innovative products.

I've had this happen so many times in my life. I understand that without a patent, inventing an idea means nothing.

The biggest final straw was Google Glass:

I've always preferred Apple products, due to the simple fact that they make me a more effective person. Androids, I end up playing tech geek all day messing with it. Since technology should be tools that enhance our lives, my honest opinion is that Apple makes a better product.

An Apple Fan Saves Google

A friend and I argued over this fact for a while, but then I said: "All is not lost for Google with Android. Android is significantly more adaptive and has much faster development..."

"Google doesn't win by building a better iPhone, Google wins by building what will replace the iPhone."

"Technology always advances over time, and it's possible to make educated predictions of what that future will look like. Google needs to invest some of their vast resources to start immediately developing these products (even if it's 5-10 years down the line)."

"They could use the adaptability of Android to build augmented reality glasses, as well as embedded systems for the home. Use their billions of dollars to release these revolutionary products, while competitors play catch up for years."

I was asked, "what if people don't want to wear the glasses, because they aren't cool?" I said, "we're the most successful advertising company on the planet... We will make wearing Glasses cool!"

- Celebrities sporting them.

- Commercials featuring really cool looking people wearing them while living up the beautiful life.

Yes, people do play a role in what's considered 'cool,' but how much money do you think is spent each year by EVERYBODY to 'bring consumers to their prearranged, completely original thought?

Love for Four Eyes

The other big complaint I received was legit: "What if people actually need glasses to see?" Now, I didn't have a concrete solution for that issue, but I had confidence: "If they start developing it, unexpected issues are unavoidable and they will then be forced to invent solurions. There won't be a solution found, until there's a demand for it." Of course, next year's model for Glass already fixed the prescription lenses problem.

Besides my opportunity to complain about not getting credit for an idea I had during a late night tipsy chat with an acquaintance several years ago. Not to mention the agony I feel for not getting a patent... #FWP

I still strongly believe in the business methodology that I was so adamant about:

- Society is changing faster than ever.

- Technology is creating a new world around us, everyday.

- Consumers now have instant access to everything about your business, because of the Internet.

- Integrated Marketing (real-time marketing from all channels) is no longer good enough. It's considered today's modern standard, which makes sense: customers are in real-time, the business needs to be in real-time.

Fire Up the Time Machine

- Think about 5-10 years down the road, what will automated marketing systems be able to do?

- Think of all the neuromarketing research being done that can essentially read a person's thoughts.

The Next Decade of Marketing

The next generation of marketing strategy, which isn't fully developed, I call Ingenuitive / Insight Marketing.

It will encompass the not-quite-ready field of using the quantified self to accurately predict a consumer's behavior, understand it, and create custom, unique experiences for consumers that they may have not planned for or expected.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

- Arthur C. Clarke

Know the customers better than they know themselves. Amaze them with an experience that seems like real magic. Make them believers.

Make a bunch of cash, sell out, and become a douchebag: Mission accomplished!

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I thought you all would be interested in this article from the Wall Street Journal about the growth and diversity of this city. Interview of Mayor Parker and a quote by TEDxHouston speaker Tory Gattis. 

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Hey y'all - TEDx Boulder 2012 speaker +Erika Napoletano will be speaking tomorrow at the #HIMA  luncheon about branding. I registered. She's from Houston! Anyone going? Anyone wanna go? Her talk -->

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All of the TEDx Houston 2012 videos are live! If you missed the event, here's your chance to check out all of our amazing speakers.

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TEDxHouston 2012 RESONATE Talks are being released periodically today!

Follow along here: and spread the word!

Super exciting news! the TED2013 lineup has been released, and it includes TEDxHouston 2012 presenter +Nilofer Merchant and a whole lot of amazing people presenting! 
We are looking into hosting a simulcast!

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Wondeful list of some innovations the TEDx Community has accomplished this year. Lots of laser cutting and 3D printing involved!

If you are free drop by our Dad 2.0 Summit Blogger Meetup at Hendricks on kirby 8 - May - 1999 - 6:30pm 
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