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mom sis or slave needed

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you and I were sister and brother we were very popular in school. I was the hottest girl in the school and you were you hottest boy in school. I had a really big crush on you sometime I would go in your room and smell your shirts and dream of you and me doing things that sisters and brothers don't do. But one day you caught me in my room smelling your shirt wondering why and that's the day I sat down with with you and told you the truth. Your reaction was really shocking and that's when you told me?
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Any girls up to broXsis
We are brother and sister and our relationship is kinda strange because we secretly have a thing for each other, but I'm getting ahead of myself my name is shadow and im 18 and ever since my sister hit puberty I've been getting these urges I've kept them down for a while though, my sister's name is (insert name in comments) and she is (insert age) years old. She seems to act a bit shy around me sometimes and at night I could swear every once in a while I could hear my name but I digress anyways I come home from work early one day when I hear some noise I look around and it's coming from the bathroom, I think it's my sister. What is she doing? I slowly open the door to see.....(and that's where you start, I'm not sure if it's any good but it's all I could think of lol MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PIC OF YOUR CHARACTER PLEASE)

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I'm your 18 year old son, I'm strong and fit like many other guys my age. Now you haven't gone out with any guys since dad left and you've been craving for sex for the longest time. Then one day you walked into my room while I was undressing and you saw my large member as soon as you saw it, it made you aroused but you left and hurried to your room. A few minutes later the water in the bathroom shower can be heard and it gives you an idea.......
(Please provide a pic of your character)

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Age: 14
Height: 5
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Brown
Likes:games and sports
Dislikes: disappointng family

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Tired of weak and submissive little shota? Ready for a REAL BOY with a REAL DICK? A dominant little brat who knows what he wants and takes it, and won't stop until he's made your pussy his. Whether your single, taken, or a married mother, it doesn't matter. You'll soon be another obedient cumdump for this boy. Why keep it a secret? He might walk you out on a leash in public, or make you blow him in the park. Or maybe he'll just give your husband a private showing, as the hung boy fucks you harder then he ever could. Devote yourself to the shota in every way, even letting your sons and daughters know that, no matter what; you'll always love him more then them.

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Your husband is, how can I put this politely... a limp dicked little pussy. It's almost impossible to think that I could be related to him, but that's genetics for you. After yet another mind numbing night of trying to find satisfaction with him, you become desperate, quietly walking into my room. Seeing me asleep with my cock hanging out of my pajamas. To even compare them is laughable, my tip is probably bigger then his entire cock, and you cannot help yourself, crawling onto my bed slowly.

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Name: Aaron
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
How I became a master: Extremely rich and extremely bored
Likes: Sex, Reading, Movies, Music, Relaxing at home, Traveling,
Dislikes: Loud noises, Crowds, Poor people,
Kinks: Stockings, Young girls, Tummy bulging, Inflation, Violence, S&M, Large Breast, Complete obedience
Submissive/Dominant: Dominant

Looking for a fun little sister to play and be kind with

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Name: Jane Rivera
Gender: female
Personally:. Happy joyfully and cold at times
Most likely horny most of the time
Roll: slave
Looking for a master
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