So much fun blasting 1D songs in the car with the windows down and seeing how many people will look at you!!

I now know a guy who is a directioner! Props to you.

Has anyone been to a 1D concert? Or even know of someone who did?

So what is your favorite song of 1D and why? Mine is She's Not Afraid because I can always dance around and sing to it!

When you are dancing and singing to Kiss You in the shower and you slip and fall. #directionerproblems

Worst thing about being sick in bed: not being able to dance around and sing to 1D!
Like if you agree!

Does anyone know how much money had been raised by One Way Or Another?

So there are some rumors going around that Niall is leaving, BUT THEY AREN'T TRUE. AT ALL.

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Okay, they are adorable.
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