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an ancient Egyptian civilization inside the grand canyon!

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scientific proof that the earth is 6,000 years old and NOT billions of years. 

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can Noahs flood answer the "Pangaea" question? yes it can!

I came across this video on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool. 

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proof that the geologic column is fake (pt 1)

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proof that the geologic column is fake (pt 2)

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another top 10 ten scientific facts video for the bible, proving that it's 100% scientifically accurate. 

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The ruins of the tower of Babel is located at Borsippa, Iraq, approximately 11 miles southwest of the ancient city of Babylon.

this is a picture of the real life historical and biblical place of the tower of Babel.

The studies of the languages show that they came from a common source about some 4,500 years ago, around the time of the dispersion of the tower of Babel.

In recent studies, it shows that the tower of Babel was more like a humongous ziggerot than an actual tower.

Within the area, several clay tablets were found with the discriptions of the tower of Babel on it. The studies through nebechednedzer, the Sumerian and other civilizations, scientists were able to confirm the tower of Babel as bring a real historical place.

this photo truly is the 100% scientifically accurate, 100% historical site of the real life tower of Babel. 
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The biblical cave of mechpellah. According to Hebrew traditions, this is the place were Abraham bought land, built this tomb and buried his wife sarah.

By the way, the current KJ English translated bible that you read comes from the original source, the Hebrew bible.

According to the book of jubilees, (which the Holy Bible says is real scripture) Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and leah were all buried there.

After a number of years later, in the first century BC. king Herod the Great built this house, (or wall) on top, (or around) of the cave of mechpellah.

In recent years, a man by the name of Moshe Dayan explored this cave and found several historical artifacts inside, including several skeletons, stones with writings on it and pottery.

These skeletons Moshe found were confirmed to belonging to the biblical patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their wives, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.

As Moshe dug around, the cave went even father underground, and discovered, yet, 2 more skellotons, but these ones were special, they were confirmed as belonging to the very first people, the biblical Adam and eve.

Although these artifact still remain inside the cave of mechpellah, the Jerusalemic Government has no plans to remove the bodies from the cave, instead, they intend to keep them a secret. The Jerusalemic Government doesn't actually want anyone to know that the bodies of the patriarch are really buried there.

In other news, The biblical prophet Noah was found quite recently as well. Their are many places who claim to be the true resting place of prophet Noah, but after some research I've done, I believe the tomb of Noah is still upon the region of mount Ararat.

This black and white photograph is the very first photo ever taken on the real true tomb of the prophet Noah and his wife. This photo was taken by Dr Charles Willis. The carbon samples dated to 4,500 BC.

the yellow photo of a black box like structure is a genuine photograph of the stolen sarcophagus that belongs to the wife of prophet Noah, Naamah.

This finding was reported to the Smithsonian institution. Inside This 18 foot sarcophagus was a 18 foot skeleton, that who's belonged to Noahs wife. Weather or not the Smithsonian museum has the skeleton or it was returned back to the tomb of Noah is still unknown.

*The Turkish Government is currently keeping this finding a secret.*

*By the way, the Turkish Government has indeed confirmed the mount Ararat landing site as being 100% the real resting place of the real Noahs ark, his Altar AND his settlement city*

so there you have it, 100% scientifically accurate; all the chronological DNA, Skeletal evidence that they were indeed real historical figured AND the holy bible is indeed 100% scientifically accurate and that evolution is once again, FALSE !!!
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Today is February 14th. Valentine's Day. why is it called "Valentine's Day"?

Valentine's Day is the celebration or the "feast Day" of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was a 3rd century Roman Saint. Saint Valentine was a Bishop who was a martyred in Rome in the early days of the church.

The feast was first celebrated in 496 AD. Valentine's Day originated as a western Christian holiday.

According to legend, during his imprisonment, saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius; And before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed, "Your Valentine" as a farewell.

So there you have it, Valentine's Day is a Christian holiday that celebrates the 3rd century Roman Saint; Saint Valentine.


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