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Species:??? (in till i know more about this communites)
Super Abilities/Powers:rainbows (Super Abilities i have decided yet)
Likes:gum,swords and rainbows (obviously)
Dislikes: bad guys
Bio:wakes up one day no menory

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Name: Eva
Age: 16
Species: Angel
Gender: female

Powers: fly (obviously), read minds, invisibility

Likes: her human friends, the one special guy who she never has a chance with, music

Dislikes: evil angels, the girl the special guy is dating, someone hating her.

Bio: falls often, she has raised herself from the age of 5 not knowing what she was. Parents abandoned her when they found out what she was. The special guy is her life and he talks to her a lot but doesn't like her. His name is Adam. And his girls name is Christina. She tries to be nice to everyone. Has a short temper.

((Character Eva))

typing away on computer hmmmmmmm maybe I should invite... No sees you oh hey

Hmmm should i go into it...
Fuck it walks in

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i was skating around when a bag goes over my head and I'm forced off my skateboard i struggle against you but your grip keeps me from escaping i get hit hard in the head getting knocked out, after sometime i wake up chained to a chair without my shirt, it was dark i looked around trying to figure out where i am and i try to break the chains by burning them but nothing happens, then i hear a door open as you walk in i look in the direction of the sound and glare at you... ((open rp))

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Name: misaki yata


Species: human

Super abilities/powers:

Red aura-can emit red aura or sometimes pinkish on any part of the body example-arms, fists and legs including his skateboard, if angered can create a tornado of flames.

Likes: fighting, skateboarding, being called yatagarasu.

Dislikes: milk, being called misaki.

Bio: misaki yata, is the vanguard of the red clan aka homra, a clan that is very violent and yata is the wild skateboarder, loves to fight and curses openly when things don't go as planned, looks up to the king mikoto suoh and cares for the clan members, is often rude and doesn't hesitate in a fight.

Appearance: wears a long sleeved white v-neck shirt with blue lining, a red sweater tied around the waist, dark green shorts, black socks and blue-and-gold sneakers. Underneath the shirt is a loose black tank top. Wears a black beanie and a pair of headphones around the neck. Also has a black wristwatch on the left wrist.
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Name: Scp-178
Age: 16
Abilities: stealth and theiving
Appearance: golden/blonde furry
Likes: thieving, special items from people and kindness
Dislikes prisons, tight places and
Species: cat/furry
Story: was a little kid and stole a few items from very alert creatures and escaped from a highly guarded prision undetected

looks out at lake there's nothing to do.... puts ear buds in and listens to music
When you......

( open rp)

sits in there with a pickaxe and a couple items
:huge tooth, claw and scale
:orange slime
:bottle full of tears
:a wierd piece of stone
:and a birdmask
"Ah i love these items, there all i got from that prision, well eh tgats the past"

Wow I've been inactive ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
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