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Celebrating Spirit and devotion as found in all faith traditions!
Click this link for the calendar of events hosted for Unity, World Transformation and Healing in Kapa'a.

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This past weekend, the Baha'i community celebrated the "Twin Holy Days" associated with the birthdays of the two Founders of their religion. The Bab and Baha'u'llah were born 196 and 198 years ago respectively, and each led remarkable lives in the field of religious history.  Several million commemorated and celebrated worldwide, turning their hearts to the original sites of the faith where Baha'u'llah and the Bab were born in Tehran and Shiraz, Iran.
the Bab is estimated to have written religious texts totaling some half million verses, while during His religious ministry Baha'u'llah wrote texts totaling some 100 volumes. Even in their original Arabic and Persian, only a small portion of these texts have yet been published, with an even smaller fraction translated into English.

       To assist in the worldwide celebrations later this week, several previously unpublished passages about the significance of these twin birthdays have been newly translated into English and other languages, and distributed for use by Baha'i communities.

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Oneness, Unity, Spirituality  & the healing of our souls can heal this world.

Spiritual connection & Unity
All are Welcome at our Wailua Homesteads small devotional  at 5 PM on Fridays and 1st Saturdays 10:30 Am usually, with other more informal times as well. Some 2nd Saturday “Mini- Retreats” also ar 10:30 AM. Join with us for a minute or 2, to say hi, share a thought of spirit, a peice of fruit and/or for as long as you may like. 

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  Celebrate the birth of the Bab, modern Prophet- Master- Manifestation of God, herald of worldwide Unity, Spirit & healing.
     Brunch, social, music , devotions, spiritual readings  -- 10 Am
Friday November 3 Kapahi, Kapa'a -- contact Lucky(Admin)  or Anna for more info 

Celebrating Spirit as in all traditions!
 Sorry – need to cancel October 3 Wailua devotions—also
    Kapahi will not meet during October but resumes in November

Baha'u'llah's Birthday-- November
Celebrate the birth of a modern Prophet- Master & Manifestation of God, bringer of Unity, Spirit & much more... 
Meet for fun & celebration at Kilauea Mini golf 11 Am
Saturday November 14

Meet Your Challenges with Serenity  

      Free & Confidential -- for Inner Growth

  Small group or individual -- trained facilitators listen actively to help you to find your own best answers to life issues and inner growth. Confidential.

WHAT:  Attitudinal Healing

 WHEN: Groups-- First Wednesdays of the month 7PM.  Ongoing.  

Individual sessions by appointment.

WHERE:  Kapaa. Please call or email first--
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