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first of all thanks for accepting me at the group.
My name is Márcio Turini and I'm an educational content developer, and a huge fan of Carl Sagan and based on it decided to honor him with the character, and the name of the project "Amazing Blue Dot".
The channel is brand new in english but it's alread has a sort of videos in portuguese that I'm translating.
I hope you enjoy the animations and please subscribe.

Thank you

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I am a 4th grade teacher in Murrieta and I have been field testing a new program called Twig Science. It is amazing! It’s tailored made for CA. Check out the video my students and I made.
Twig Science - Basin.mp4
Twig Science - Basin.mp4

Any CA elementary teacher interested in trialing a new CA NGSS program to provide feedback? Comes with all kit materials, digital and print if needed.

Message me for additional info.

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Hi everyone! My name is Justin. For those of you who are looking for a simple resource that gives you lesson materials, a lesson video, activity sheets, and hands on learning activity for elementary grade level science can check out

some Cool topics:
- Plant and Animal
- Watery Planet
- Planet and Animal Secrets
- Work of water
- Chemical Magic
- Lights and sound
- Force Olympics
- spinning sky

+ more...

Here is a lesson breakdown for grade 3 science on exploration of bird beaks.

Lesson Break down:
exploration ( 10 minutes):
- video ( describes birds and different types and shapes of beaks that they have)
best beak ( 25 minutes):
* lesson materials, video, etc...*
This activity tries to get students to identify birds by their beaks along with some other characteristics.

- Writing prompts
- activity extension
- read-aloud books
- thinking activity

This section helps students to engage in critical thinking, evaluating their understanding, and developing their own understanding of the lesson through writing.

Mystery science does a great job of establishing quick, easy and simple lesson plans that are focused and meet various learning styles.

Personally, I think that these activities and resources are super helpful and are even a great framework to use to develop your own lesson plans focused on whatever science topic you are covering in your classroom.

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Hello everyone! An infographic can be a great way to make a difficult topic a little easier to understand. By using an eye catching graphic to present the essential information to an elementary school student, you are laying out the most important details and allowing the student to take in the information in a personal way. The infographic brings an engaging element to what can be an effective way to summarize the pivotal points of a subject area. The included example gives both broad and specific details of the subject being discussed, while also providing informative pictures, charts, and facts for part of a 6th grade science class lesson.

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Hey all!!

I need a suggestion for a simple pretest (4th grade) Transparent, Translucent, Opaque---- Not a lot of reading and writing---- I have non-readers
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