I am currently looking to buy a new phone and this app has become more than just a fun app for my entertainment. Any way you guys can add Sony Xperia z3v? It's not exactly the same as the z3 and looks quite different. Thanks again. 

I find the layout of the app very troublesome and it does not help to compare two things. the app doesn't show info side by side. I have to frantically scroll side to side to read info. This is a.poor layout scheme. A better method in my opinion would be to display the info within same categories in a chart format. 

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Me siento al 100 y pasadito

No comprendo esta app

Ola Tlapalolistli. No toca ángel. Jeje. Opsepa tihuitz

i'm using a Xiaomi Mi3 and there is an error when i tap on install button in the Play Store - item can't be found

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Який жахливий день!

Moto G is available for comparison but not Moto X.. 

App not downloading on the Galaxy s4 

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To get the app, first join this community and then download the app here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.versus
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