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I found a YouTube channel that might be linked with HooH. Currently it only has one subscriber, and was created about six months ago. I'm not sure, but it may be another organization from a different reality. Let me know your thoughts!

Hooh has changed its name.

I came across the HooH main channel by chance, and I became almost immediately confused. I'm an active member of the SCP Foundation, and it seemed similar in theme. If there's anything vital I should know I'd appreciate if you replied about it in this thread. If there's a better place to put this thread I'd appreciate if you told me where to put it before deleting it. Thanks plenty!

I cannot find SpectrumGate and it appears "The Grove" has become SourSalt.

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New channels. HooH is linked to smilewithme and it is linked to spectrumgate
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To contact that "ghost" in youtube (see latest video) write:

Haunt me.
Example text

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He has unsubscribed TheBackhaulArtifact

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Wonder whats next, maybe we are just left with these clues to figure out to unlock a new video? Seems odd nothing has been happening lately.
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