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   More and more people are browsing the Internet through a mobile device and every business, large or small needs a mobile website. Today, half of all local searches are performed on a mobile device and users of smart phones and other mobile devices have become an audience that businesses cannot afford to ignore. The dramatic increase in the number of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices is compelling business owners of all manners of industry 
world wide to engage to capture their share of this quantum shift of internet activity.

    It’s not enough anymore just to have your content available on a website; mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop usage and is growing rapidly,In fact by 2018, 80% of internet traffic   will be originated from smartphones it is critical for small to medium enterprise to examine the key implementations that must be undertaken to survive and thrive in the smartphone revolution
Today we will discuss 3 of the essentials required
1 Mobile Friendly Website Conversion
An astonishing 75% of small to medium enterprises have not
had their websites converted to a mobile friendly format,in other words when a potential
customer taps on their website from a smartphone and the website  has not been optimised 
for mobile phones, it will be almost impossible to read the website with clarity on the tiny
2x4 inch screen.The result is inevitable the potential customer or client will leave immediately and find an competitor who has invested in mobile friendly conversion
and they will take their business to them the opportunity to gain a new client or customer
is gone forever.see this example in conclusion the conversion of a company website to mobile friendly status is critically important
2 Mobile APPS  Are Replacing Websites
The era of the mobile app is here to stay and is rapidly becoming the single most powerful method
Of engaging with clients and or customers,An app is like a mini mobile website ,once downloaded
To a customers website the app becomes a mobile shop front messages are sent directly to their 
Smartphones advising them of special offers these can range from a buy one meal get one free for a local chinese or italian restaraunt
 to a free dental check for the local dentist the potential is boundless ,never before has
A more powerful and cost effective communication and promotional media as this ever emerged.
For more info go to

3 Local search optimization
It is vital that  small business owners maintain their local customer or client base this can
Well be the difference in staying in business or closing the doors,In all communities in any
City in the world there are literally thousands of small businesses operating within a 10 k radius of each other or even less
,how many pizza shops,cafes,dentists,plumbers,electricians,doctors, operate in the
Same district hundreds and hundreds and they have all one thing in common they compete against
Each other.As the move to mobile takes over searches will be conducted from smart phones.Let us
Take a look at a small example,A person unfamiliar with the local area is looking to sit down and aenjoy a freshly made  coffee 
They conduct a search on the go and find BJs café including a map showing how to get there,Bingo
Bjs gets the business ahead of 10 competitors why?because BJ invested in local search engine optimization and his app showed up in first place.This is just a small example 
of just how critical it has become for the SBEs to get wise with these changing times
for more info on local seo go to
The most exciting aspect of this is that all three of these incredibly powerful  promotional
Tactical weapons cost only a fraction of anl add in the yellow pagesThe time to take action is now
Leaving it too long could be leaving it too late

Henry Flachs  Australian  Partner
The Ican Network Global
International Toll Free

Henry Flachs    Partner
The Ican Network Global
International Toll Free

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