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Last week we made the character for a weekly, solo Night's Black Agents campaign and, tonight, we got to kick things off with session one!

I screwed up some rules, but we had a blast and I look forward seeing our solo Agent deal with Dracula's machinations in the weeks to come!

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"Cthulhu City takes Lovecraft’s ideas and first allows them to be rewritten by existentialist philosophers, then drags them through a sewer. Writer Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan has managed to make Cthulhu gaming grimmer, darker, more desperate, and more implacable than it already was."

Quick question... new GM that is going to try Cthulhu Confidential with a buddy that has moved away. Love the book and especially love the background info on each of the cities.

However, how much if any of that info does the player know? Is it GM only? Or does Dex know the goings on of L.A. As presented?


Just looking for a clarification of Pushes in CC.
Is the gm expected to mention when a Push would be a good idea and with what, or is it assumed to be kept quiet, like what sort of investigative skill would be used?

Are there stats for a gargoyle in any GUMSHOE game?

Does GUMSHOE really need General abilities?

That was a click bait opening, but I want to explore a hypothetical. I usually explain to my players that they use Investigation abilities for clues and General abilities mostly for the action stuff. But how does the situations you use General abilities really differ? Some of the GUMSHOE games have a surveillance type Investigation Ability and Stealth General ability. What is the difference? You usually do some sneaking to get a clue after all.

Wouldn't it be possible to make most of the General Abilities into Investigation abilities? After all, I fight, jump, run and fix so I can advance the investigation. Of course, dying in the game would be more difficult, but lets forget that for now.

What you think? Which of the Gumshoe games has gone the furthest?

I'm rereading Ashen Stars now, and it has an awesome ability called Farsight, which enables a character to see events far away. But why is this a General ability? Shouldn't it drive the clue finding?

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TimeWatch RPG at #LES2017Aluche in Madrid (Spain). Yes, we was over the grass because it's too hot inside the building :)

Thank you +Kevin Kulp​ for that amazing game
Partidaza de Timewatch con +Jan Cantor y +Zero Doble​​, al fresquito (sí, sí, habéis oído bien: fresquito) en las #LES.

Just curious if anyone has ever mashed up some of the "powered" settings for Gumeshoe (Fear Itself, MCB) with the non-powered settings (NBA, Essoterrorists, Trail assuming you don't use Rough Magics)? If so, how did you do it and what lessons did you learn?

Also, how psyched is everyone for the Gumeshoe version of Delta Green from +Kenneth Hite?

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find an image of Dzéwà, The White God? I can't seem to find anything in my Joogle search.

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