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You were abandoned by your parents. THEY SUCK! So, you were left in a box, in the middle of the FUCKING STREET, about to be hit by a car, but we saved you, but we didn't save the box you were in. R.I.P BOX💔! So we took you in, now we are family, we're not blood related, but who cares, we protect each other and now we be family.

No asking for mod or owner

Appearance(Must have picture):
Where the Mark is on Your Body:

If your wondering what the mark is, well it's like fairy tail, you have a mark on your body when you join us, the picture below is what it looks like, and only me and +rebbijou can erase it because we're MAGICAL and yeah so if you had a question on what that part on the template was about I hope I solved it for ya xP

Okay so! Stuff is going to happen in this community and I need your guys help!

1st thing is we are going to have a event where the whole guild is covered in pillows and blankets. The left side of the building is going to be the boys territory and their base and the girls territory is on the right side and the middle/guild hall entrance and all the big open areas are going to be the fighting grounds.

2nd thing: we need to get more members because this community is dying and I don't really don't want that to happen. I WON'T STAND FOR IT! Sits down for pun. So share this to at least 2 or 3 communities or collections.

Ummm HI,whats up?

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Auby had just arrived at the guild, she was pretty shy and hid her face with her hair, though the way she looked made her seem friendly and open.
You decided to walk up to her.

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Name: Auby
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance(Must have picture):
Personality: Shy as fuckk at first but slowly becomes open once good friends with you Basically me fuck
Where the Mark is on Your Body: right collar bone
Likes: Playing piano
Dislikes: Annoying people
Crush: Idk someone make one or something..
Friends: None
Family: Idfk

it was a really hot day, you were walking in the guild and tempted to make yourself a cool *insert peter's fav drink in the kitchen. When you arrived at the kitchen, that the kitchen's door was already slighty opened, and you heard Charlotte shouting to someone inside. You took a peep inside then saw Shane laughing hysterically while playing with the knife*
((Closed to +Peter Parker​, you can join but please ask first :D))

Y'all I'm getting rid of my oc Aubrey
No one cares it was too op anyway lmao...

Hey so anyone who was friends with Aubrey they can have a memory of her but like it's distant and you don't know who it is

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*Charlotte called Peter to meet her in the livingroom, she said she has something important to say*
((Closed to +Peter Parker​ but you can join if you ask and get an approved from both of us :D))

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You are lost in the woods then you saw Charlotte practicing fencing with Shane sitting down while watching her play, her movement looks more like dancing than fencing, Her movement is really beautiful like she's dancing with the wind
(Close to +Peter Parker​ but if you want to join, you can ask)

You saw Charlotte's dorm room key on the floor, you decided to give it back to her and when you want to knock on Charlotte's door room, you heard a loud music from the inside.
( Closed to +Peter Parker​ but you can RP with us but gotta ask first)
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