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* Hello there it seems you have found our ask community allow me to explain how it works its pretty straight forward
* If you have a question either post in the appropriate category or go to a post the appropriate character made in the category and ask a question 
* We also have a category for your fanart or pictures, gifs and videos you may want to share.
* Now then allow me to introduce your mods/people who will be answering any questions asked since the community is currently small id like to just have one person assigned to a character once we grow I'll start allowing more people to answer questions under one characrer Now if you see a character that is open that you would like to RP answer just tell either me or a mod and they will tell me and ill add you into the post
Your mods
Sans: +Sαηѕ 
Grillby: +Grillby The Monster 
Papyrus: (Open)
Asgore: (Open)
Toriel: Me
Asriel: +Asríєl drєєmurr 
Undyne: (Open)
Muffet: (Open)
Mettaton: (Open)
Frisk: +Fʀıѕĸ 
Chara: (Open)
napstablook: (Open)
Alphys: (Open)
Now then I do hope you all enjoy this community and have fun I'd also like to point out if it is imperative that you contact me and i am unresponsive on this account +Nepeta † Leijon is my main account and you can most likely find me there Now then I do know I am being quite lenient to who becomes a mod so this is a gentle reminder not to abuse your power for selfishness being a mod is a responsibility to help others enjoy the community and help it grow if I do notice you are abusing the power ill unmod you and if you continue to be rude or cause problems you will be banned
Enjoy the community
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May one of my other accounts be Temmie?

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Petition to be Asriel.

Ok guys sorry if it seemed I was neglecting this school started back up for me yesterday ill make a post mentioning your mods and who's who aka whos answering your question

"Ay, anybody got a question for me or some shit like that? I'll answer anything ya want."

* Ask below and I'll answer almost anything the best that I can!

*Ask some Questions below*

Chara, how do you feel when people delete the file that makes it impossible to get the True Ending without everyone being killed by you after going through the Genocide run?
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