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Some of the art for The 13th Engma, a 'reskinning' of 13th Age that I'm working on. Trying for Kirby-esque future fantasy with a bit of William Blake. That does look pretentious now I see it written down!
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If you were to run the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation adventure somewhere in the Dragon Empire, where would you place it? It takes place in an [undead] dinosaur-infested jungle called Chult. Would you place Chult off the edge of the map, or somewhere inside? If inside, what keeps the dinosaurs from roaming the whole Empire?

Just wanted to say what a great set of products the Battle Scenes books have been for my campaign. Hands down probably the best "adventure" purchase I've made in years. Last week's game I needed a side trek for the PCs after they had a campaign loss in the previous session - it was easy enough to pull out one of the sets of scenes in the Crown Commands book (The Lich's Spire) and modify it to work it into the narrative. Just one of the most useful "at the table" types of supplements that I've had the pleasure to use in my games.

What's everyone's thoughts on the 13th Age Gm Screen? Worth it?

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On EN World, I review Pelgrane Press' Free RPG Day offering, TimeWatch: Font of Knowledge/13th Age: Swords Against Owlbears (and Paizo's Starfinder: First Contact). 13th Age: SAO Is an excellent addition to the game. :-)

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If Aaron didn't quench your thirst, check out +Sean The Heavy Metal GM and I as we play "A Pit of Vipers" for #Roll20CON tomorrow evening!

What's the fix recommended for monsters in the core book? Their math is a little weak, yeah?

Anyone have an email for Pelgrane Press customer service email? Thanks.

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Join me at 2pm PDT to play Shadows of Eldolan 13th Age on Roll20 for #Roll20CON! We go live in 20! We're playing to benefit the Cybersmile charity

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A reminder! Tomorrow I'm playing 13th Age on Roll20 for #Roll20CON at 2:30pm PDT. Tune in to to watch live!
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