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Who would win in a death battle?

Juvia can also control water and her entire body is water, but Percy can't control her because she has her own mind. Who do you think will win?
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Okay this is cute


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Hey everyone here follow my Wife (for 18 more mins or something) +Peridot

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An AU fro Undertale that I'm working on, idek what to call it though

Frisk laughed as she made flower crowns in the forest. She was sitting in a tree relaxing when she saw a bright blue butterfly flying near by. She fell out of her tree in shock, the last time anyone had saw this butterfly was before she was born. She began to approach slowly, being careful not to startle it. The butterfly began to fly away and Frisk followed it deeper into the woods. They followed it so far, that it was the only thing illuminating the dark area. It flew around them in circles until they were very dizzy, they lost their footing and began to fall, but I read of hitting the ground they landed on a patch of golden flowers at the bottom of a large hole. They hurt all over and was bleeding from their knees. They looked around, and were startled, when they suddenly heard a voice come from behind them. They quickly turned around to see a golden flower.
"Howdy, I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower. And I'm here to tell and show you all about this place, since your new. You see that red heart, that's your soul just like a plant would need watt troops grow, your soul need LOVE to grow. Down here love is shared though pellets the colour of your soul, mine are grey since I'm a monster. Try to get as many as you can!" Flowey said as they sent the pellets flying at Frisk, three of them hit and their already low Heath become dangerously close to none.
"YOU IDOIT IN THIS WORLD ITS KILL-" Flowey's sentence was cut short by a fire ball hitting them.
"It's been such a long time since a human fell down here, I couldn't afford for you to get hurt. What a terrible creature, standing in the way of our future. Now come my child I will help you." A goat lady, with long teeth, yellow eyes with red pupils, wearing a grey robe with a design on it, said as she extended a hand towards Frisk. It was only then that they relied the long scar that was on her left cheek. The lady took her to a room, which had a small mouse hole, and some cheese.
"I am Toriel, the ex-queen of the Underground. I have seen many humans fall down here, and they all meet the same fate as puzzle pieces to our future. This area is mostly filled with simple puzzles and weak monsters such as Froggits and Whimsum's. You can choose to Spare or Kill these monsters, if you choose to kill them, it will only make my job easier," Toriel told Frisk as they entered a new room.
"You must be a human ribbit you humans are very good at showing mercy right? ribbit please show us mercy ribbit unlike Toriel. ribbit," a fright said to Frisk as she walked past. Toriel glared at the frog like creature. Frisk flowed Toriel around a corner, there was a brown sign and spikes on the ground.
"To make progress here you will have to activate several switches." Toriel told Frisks as she demonstrated by turning on and the spikes receding.

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Game: Undertale
Artist: Me

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Harry Potter OC
Name: Clare Akasruidesu Whiteflower
Age: 11
Birthday: March 8
Nationality: English, Sottish, Irish, Welsh
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Prueblood
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Pisces

Height: 4'8
Skin Tone: Pale can sometimes look like a ghost if no sunlight
Eye Color: Green
Hair Description:
- Color: Red orange, will sometimes have blonde highlights depending on sunlight that month.
- Length: Long
- Style: Flat
- Worn: Free
- Facial Features: ?

Father: Brandon Whiteflower
Mother: Jean Whiteflower
Brother: Alexander Whiteflower

- Length: 8'
- Wood: Apple wood
- Core: Dragon heart string
Pets: Black Abyssinian cat named Yoruichi
Boggart: Nothingness
Animagus/Patronus: Cat

Extra Information
Quotes: "I may be weak but I'll do anything to protect the people I care for!" ~ Unknown me
Best classes: Divination and care for magical creatures
Worst classes: astronomy and
Color: gold
Animal: cats
Flower: Tiger lily
Season: Autumn

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