Hey East Side Permaculture Alumni

I'm working on a new project and I want to invite your input and assistance, we had such a great group and now I have a real life design and manifestation that is now taking place.

I have been working for Greywater Corps for the last 3 years, ever since the end of our class pretty much. I have also been living at HM157 in waves, and those two worlds are converging now.

I am redoing the Greywater system, and by extension, the landscaping design here at this property (HM157). The house is in a state of flux and it is the perfect time to reinvent the front and back landscaping.

I've just begun to start the Greywater, and about 7-8 people live here now, all showering here, so there is lots of Greywater to work with.

The front yard has been pretty much torn out, to some extent. I have also just bought a ford Ranger, so I can pick up, transport plants and other things.

Im seeing who is interested in have a brainstorming session with me here in the coming weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Feb 10 or 11th, or even Friday Feb 9th.

I could use your insight, knowledge, skills and inspiration on this, and I welcome any ideas.

Reid, who now is the sole proprietor of HM157 is ultimately the decision maker on this endeavor, but things are in an early phase, and he said he wants blueberries, edibles gardening, some stonework/brick/seating areas.
I could really use help getting the right plants and figuring out where they would be best suited, light and weather wise.

I thought this would be a great way to reunite, and continue where we left off with a little session

hope to hear from you all soon,

Charles Dinkel

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Just joined the staff of Greywater Corps!  Now I install greywater systems for a living!  
Greywater Corps
 Greywater Corps

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Dear incredibly creative and intelligent folks of the EPiC crew- here is a preliminary drawing of the elements of the plan as I understood them. Forgive and correct me if I have misunderstood anything. The final will of course look much better than this. I have the gabions at 15 feet on one side, 25 feet on the other. 

Once we get these elements finalized, if they aren't already, the next step as I see it will be to add plants. I will be happy to be as involved as you would like in this stage- not with the plant choices but again with the graphics. If you would like to guide my hand and tell me what plants go where that would certainly work. I am formally trained in just such an operation. If you would prefer to just take this copy and add in plants yourself, that's fine as well. 

At any rate, these drawings are at a stage that could use some group or individual involvement. Please advise.

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hey so I went over our plans with Leigh & Giovanni.
1) Glass Gambion- so glass rocks are available ready made, like below, sooo beautiful but its very costly both financially and environmentally. even if we were to make molds and make our own it would be very time consuming which isn't so  much the problem as the numerous high temp firings that would be needed to fill the gambions. We have to decide if the cost and environmental impact of the ready made ones are worth it.  Maybe scatter just a few glass ones in amongst rocks or scratch glass rox all together. I'm personally leaning towards just a few or none at all but I'm ok if you think its worth it... it would be cool to see these glass rox under a custom made waving, curving cage of rebar, like ocean waves. shit, im conflicted on this one. 
2) Mason Bee House- they can be placed anywhere- higher up & lower down. Also- birds like a nice perch and if other birds see a bird perched they will gather around, on the ground, the perched bird. She has a few mason bee houses attached to poles that are about 8-10 ft high. birds like to perch on them. 
3) Leigh recommended planting achillea millifolia along the top because never needs to be watered and stays lookin' good. 
4) Water Stage- we must have Mosquito Control, needs screening below the grate or on the grate. Also needs to be able to empty out in 48 hours. random law. any volume of water that is being stored must have the ability to be emptied out i n 48 hrs. not a problem. 
but NO WINDOWS!!! light creates algae :(  
need to put a hole (with cap) for a pole to fit thru and check water level that way.  
5) i forgot to ask her about sidewalk width :-\
6) everything else she said was great.

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Break through Design Meeting!

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EPiC Creativity at Play (Work)

Friday Evening Meeting with EPiC, 7pm @ HM157
3110 N. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90031

We are entering the stretch drive now and as a group we are looking to pull this design, and presentation together.  It's vital that we can lay out our game plan for the last 7 weeks leading up to the group presentation. 

Loretta, Charles, and Rebecca met last Sunday, with Jeeyun almost making that meeting as well (car trouble), so we are hoping that Robby and Alex will be available for this Friday nights meeting as well, so we can work as a unit on our presentation strategy and finalize our design.  

"Paper Street"... grab your scissors people, we have some cutting to do!  Check your emails, Loretta made a discovery that will have to be considered as we proceed, involving the parcel of land.  

We need to change the sign, "Permaculture Avenue" 
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