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WATCH Society is hosting its 4th Conference in Silicon Valley, 23-24th of June 2106. Find out more via

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A camcorder glasses is an electronic device combining a video camera and a video recorder glasses!

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iTENS, the first App-Controlled Pain Relief Device, completely wireless, wearable and flexible. iTENS is FDA-cleared, does not require a prescription and it's use as an effective way to reduce or even eliminate pain. For more info and join the iTENS community go to the link below.

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Forecast 2016: Google Glass in Healthcare

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Could this be the next best thing? 

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Celebrate with us and enjoy WATCH conference Dubai for free! The latest on wearable technology in healthcare -by and for healthcare professionals. An unexpected 5 Day Public Holiday has been called for the UAE Commemoration Day (Martyr’s Day) and National Day in Dubai, to be held from December 1st – December 5th 2015

To celebrate the festivities, we are delighted to announce that the Conference Fee has been fully waived by our Distinguished Dubai Hosts, the Mohammed Bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRu) and Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). 

So why not enjoy the vibrant city of Dubai, its pleasant temperatures at this time of year ánd mix business with pleasure enjoying the exciting program of WATCH conference Dubai!  on the 5th of December 2015, You are invited - for free!

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Joining us for WATCH Dubai?
Check out the site for all information on program and registration. 

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Now online!  The 3rd WATCH conference program in Dubai!
5th of December 2015 - in close collaboration with +Dubai Healthcare City! On valid use of wearables in healthcare, for patients and professionals.  More info soon, follow us via

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce you a smart strap that can turn any watch into smart watch. The idea behind it is to keep a classic watch and at the same time without changing habits have smart features. 

Using discreet LEDs and vibrations as alerts, Unique lets you reject a phone call, monitor your fitness, and know if a text's arrived - and if you're about to leave your phone behind, Unique will alert you as you walk away from it. 

We believe that wearable technology can be beautiful as well as functional! We wanted to do something that will help us and hopefully you as well to keep classic but also follow the trend and innovation. What do you think about it? More info you can find on our Kickstarter page:

All the best,
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