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Hello my name is james! And for those of you who don’t know I really really enjoy hypnotising people.

Would you like to experience it right now?

I bet you would

I promise that it will feel really really good

And you like to feel good and relax don’t you?

So what I want you to do for me I want you to get nice and comfortable and all you really have to do is read my words

That’s easy to do isn’t it?

And you can find yourself looking deep into the text as well if you look deep into this text it will help you to fall in deeper and feel even more relaxed

Focus on my words

Do you like the relaxing feeling you get from the text?

Do you like how easy it is to relax by my words?

I want you to just focus on my words

Hypnosis is easy

You just need to know how to follow a simple commend

Like look deep into my text and feel yourself relaxing

As you look deep into my text your eyes my start to blink a little more frequently

As you look deep into my text

But that’s ok

That just means you start to fall into hypnosis

Into trance

You can allow to everything else to slowly fade away around you

Right now let everything else just fade away

Around you

As you look deep into my text

This is nice isn’t it?

So personal

So pleasurable

So deeply relaxing

And I like when you relax for me

And as you just sitting there looking deep into my text

You can feel yourself beginning to slow down

Your thoughts are slowing down

Your breathing is slowing

And helping you to relax

You can breathe in deep comforting relaxation

And breathe out any tension any resistance that you have

Breathing in

And out

That’s it

Each breath you take as you look deep into my text helps to relax your body

Each and every muscle in your body is relaxing with each breath that you take

I want you to be so comfortable

So relaxed for me

And the more you read

And the more you stare deep into my text

The more relax you become

That’s it

All of your focus is where it needs to be

It’s nice to just look and read my text for a little bit isn’t it?

To let go of all thoughts

To let go of everything else inside of your mind

And just enjoy your time with me

You enjoy being here with me more than anything

And you are going to find yourself craving me more and more

Craving my texts my words

My words deep inside of your mind

As your conscious mind begin to wonder

And your subconscious mind is absorbing everything that I’m saying

I love knowing that

Don’t you?

Relax for me

Because you are absorbing everything that I am telling you

You will relax and obey

You want to be my good girl don’t you?

Tell me say it to yourself right now

Tell me that you want to be my good girl

Good girls relax and fall deep for me

Good girls crave my attention

They crave me

They fully except you fully except that my pleasure is your ultimate pleasure

My pleasure is your ultimate pleasure

You can’t resist me can you?

You don’t want to resist me


Drop deeper


Heavier slowly sinking getting lost in my text

Getting lost in my words


And deeper

Sleep with your eyes open for me keep following my words


You are my good girl

You will always obey

You will read my words over and over again

It’s easy to listen

It’s so easy to agree with me

It’s so easy to allow my thoughts my words to take over your thoughts

The only words inside of your mind are my words

You can hear my words echoing inside of your mind

Let go


Deeper for me

That’s it

I love playing with you

And you are going to find that from now on you will do anything that I say

You will not resist me


You will tell me that you can’t resist me

You will tell me that you obey

You love the way that I make you feel

And you will remember this always

Now I want you to do something for me

I enjoyed having time with you

Having my words inside of your mind

And you enjoyed it too

But now I want you to become more awake and alert

I want you to blink your eyes for me

And move your body

And to become aware of the room around you

Awake and alert having fully enjoyed reading my words

That’s it

Becoming even more aware now

I want you fully awake and alert right now

Mmm… that’s it

But I bet you are still craving my words

Aren’t you?

I want you to scroll up and read it again

Good girl

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