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Please do not post pictures of barbarian towers cuz they r dumb and don't exist . Thank you

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A similar game to COC - You could reduce time it took for allies (clan members) buildings to upgrade. Could we get this into COC??

E.g It takes 10 days to unlock Dragons, a clan member could come and reduce it by 30mins?
The more it takes a building to upgrade or to unlock the more a member could reduce the time?


Something like the Barbarian King and Archer Queen

Special Ability: Spawn Wizards
                           Ability to levitate (transform into a flying troop
                           Increased Damage

Valkriye goddess : special skill 25% attack speed and movement speed boost for summoned Valkriyes and own self . Skill name :Freya's blessings .

New spell type Fus Ro Dah . For effect throw on deployed troops when attacking so that for a limited time protecting clan castle troops will be blown and 10% of their health will be depleted .Enemy troops can be Fus to dah'd if they come back to attacking troops if the potion still has effecting time .

Goblin Chief :special skill 25% movement speed and gold collection Boost for summoned goblins and ownself.skill name :greed

New hero ideas . Valkyrie goddess ,witch queen,wizard king ,goblin chief . Hog rider lord

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New war type :clan conquest . More than two clans will engage in a war in which they will build a clan base with all buildings of the clan players . Any damage done by enemy clan units will be saved and if any building is destroyed it will stay destroyed . There will also be a bot base which will be made of all buildings of all of both clans . A lot of players can attack at the same time . Defenders can counter deploy troops to defend .
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