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OOC Rules
---------------------------------------------- - Please be active.

- Respect everyone.

- No harassing others. If you see someone doing this. Take a screenshot and send it to one of our moderators or admins. We will deal with it.

- Please do not post any extremely gory images or graphic material anywhere. You can only RP it out.

- Please no mature or highly inappropriate content and avoid touchy subjects such as sewerside, drugs or any sexual content, this goes for IC and OOC.

- Please do not create any unnecessary drama.

- If you are bored, don't wait for someone else to post. Make a RP post and/or just start RPing with someone in an already active RP post.

- When making posts. Refrain from controlling characters unless if you have permission.

- If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power. Notify a admin immediately.

- You can only have two profiles simultaneously. If one of your characters die. Then you are free to make another character/profile.

IC Rules
---------------------------------------------- - Consider listening to a higher rank.

- Insubordination will not be tolerated.

- Pups are not permitted to go leave camp.

- Juveniles cannot leave camp unless given permission and are chaperoned with an adult.

- Challenge any unknown trespasser in the territory.

---------------------------------------------- - Instead of 3.12 years use 4 years.

- A pups age is 0 years - 2 years.

- A juveniles age is 2.1 years - 3 years.

- A young adult/adult would be. 3.1 - 8.0 years.

- A elder would be 8.1 years - 13 or 14 years.
(Basically until they die from age.)

- Pups will age a year every week. This helps speed up the process. Because it get's boring after awhile having to wait to age 1 month every week to just become 1 years old or a juvenile.

- Juveniles will age 2 months every week. It may also get boring and helps them not age too fast.

- Adults and elders must age one month every week. It stabilizes the aging process.
(Pup Ex:
- week 1 (0.0 years.)
- week 2 (1.0 years.)
- etc.
(Juvenile Ex:
- week 1 (2.2 years.)
- week 2 (2.4 years.)
- etc.

Battles and Brawls
---------------------------------------------- - Be literate in all posts.

- Be realistic. You can't be attacked and end up being fine without a scratch.

- Please no nn/no nothing, or no everything or stuff like that. It makes it unfair and the person over powered.

- In a brawl. You are not allowed to kill another character. But in a battle with a rouge, loner, about to murder/assassinate another character. You cannot kill that character unless they provoke your character or you have permission to kill off their character.

- For a battle/brawl you may dodge once for every 3 attempts.

- No auto-hitting. if you see someone doing so, please alert them to refrain from doing so. If they refuse to do so continuously. Please notify a moderator or admin and take a screen shot encase if they delete their post. They will get a warning if they do it again.

(Incorrect Example)
Lora leapt onto the opponent's back. She bit his neck and then claws his sides. If successful. He would bleed continuously.

- Lora attacked twice without giving her opponent a chance to fight back.

- In your posts you really can't control if he bleeds continuously or not. The correct wording should be. 'He would of hopefully bleed enough so the blood couldn't coagulate as easily if he were to only have a scrape.

(Corected Example)
Lora charged and leapt onto her opponent's back by springing her legs with force. She then opened her mandible and let her fangs sink into his throat. If successful. She would try to then at least make even more damage, since she was already in a good position.

- It had more detail on what she was doing so they both can have a better picture on what is happening. This is important so if one or the other think they are power playing and they both will only end up confused.

---------------------------------------------- - A hunting party can be up to 2-5 wolves.

- There must be at least a leader for each hunting party.

- The leader for your hunting party or any high rank must roll a die. If they role a 3, or 6. Then the hunt fails. If you role any other numbers. The hunt succeeds. Realistically, not all hunts will go as planned.

- You must RP out the hunt. Successful or unsuccessful.

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Name - snow

Pack - none

Rank - loaner

Gender - female

Age - 3

Powers - to heal and give her strength

Weakness - losing her pups


Father - lowner

Mother - dead

Siblings - open

Crush - open

Mate - dead

Former mate - open

Pups - kira and coal

Best friend - open

Enemies - open


Looks -in pic

Pelt - white

Eyes - red

Body type - strong


PERSONALITY -can be mean but is also motherly and won't hurt a pup

BIO - unknown



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Name: Blue Song
Age: 3.2 (Wolf years) 17 (human years)
Gender: Female
Rank: Healer (if that is ok)
Looks: Like the Picture
Weakness: Being Blind
Strengths: Heightened sense of smell, Taste, Hearing, and touch
Personality: Quiet, Mature, Responsible, Distant, Loyal, Reserved
Crush: Not any TBD
Fears: Being Infected, Losing the pack
Bio: She was born blind, but she was also born with strange blue feathers, making her immune to the dying part of the disease, but he can still get the symptoms.because of this she was often teased

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Name: Foggy
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Rank: Loner
Looks: No one really has seen me...
Weaknesses: Being seen
Strengths: Staying away from others
Personality: I don't really have a good one
Crush: None
Fears: Being infected by the disease
Bio: Please, go away.


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Rose breathed heavily as she walked a long clearing filled with snow. Winter had come, and she felt bad for leaving her family behind. She wanted Peru to come but she couldn't find him, so she kept walking. She knew her pack was big enough for her to handle, but at the same time she wanted a bigger one. Her family would talk her place when she died, but, who? She didn't decide on one of the pups yet, and whichever she chose they would hate her till she died then... Would they miss her? No. They might not. She was barely around them, their mentors were their new mothers. She felt her rose become frozen like ice as it became colder. She said to herself in her mind "After that incident with almost killing one of my own, i must get rid of this rose to protect them.." She thought and threw it a few feet away with a flick of her head. She watched it as snow fell around it, her paws starting to reach for it. "I must have it..." She said, crying for no reason. She didn't feel sad, or anything. She just cried.

Ok ok pups come over here shakes head in mock disapproval stop playing around this is serious +Ice Fox Prod. +Marybel The Werewolf Bloodied Human

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4.7/ young adult



Fighting in small areas, swimming, hunting

Fighting, climbing (not the best but is ok at it for being a wolf) being social

None ( Open )

Death, those she loves being taken from her

Bio: as a pup, her mother and father died and had to be taken care of by another wolf. She was raised not very well so she always thought everyone hated her. Now a days she is a warrior to the pack. Trying to get respect from her fellow pack members.
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I NEED A HUNTING PARTY/GROUP/PACK THING!! plz comment if u need one more person! laughs evilly OR I WILL HURT U lays down jk... maybe

Name: Loner
Age: 2
Gender: Femals
pack: none (yet)
rank: lead hunter
powers: blends into shadows
mate: none (so far)
pups: none (so far)
bio: funny, stealthy, not good with coming up with bios, uh ect :D
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