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Selling this for 1 key 16 refS por overpay in items

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Just wanted to ask if this is a good tf2 story (it's actually a prequel to my ongoing Gmod 'invasion of the demoknight' maps)
(this is my first actual story here that was made by me and is how I would be introduced in a movie)

Blu team is fighting red team on a very very large cp "map"
Blu Demoman: take cover!!!! A rocket blows up the Demoman AAAAAGH!!! He lands next to a heavy
Blu heavy: huh? DAH!! MEDIC!!
Blu medic: ja?
Blu heavy: this ma- gets sniped
Red sniper: you shouldn't even have gotten out of bed shoots medic
Red engie: woo hoo! Sentry kills some blues I built that.
A Blu soldier charges and gets shot by a Demoman
Red Demoman: didn't yah see the bloody bumps?
Blu sniper on the phone: WE NEED BACKUP, SEND THE BEST YOUVE GO- gets sniped AAAGAHAAAHAGAH
Miss Pauling to the Administrator: uh, Blu team just called, they need him.
Administrator: send him in.
Miss Pauling: right away.
Meanwhile with Blu and red

Blu scout: Let's get em! Three seconds later he gets blown up and goes flying and lands next to a demoknight he's never seen before
Blu Demoknight: says nothing and draws his unusual Persian Persuader
Red Demoman: what's a sword gonna do against- demoknight cuts his head off
Red scout: speachless
Demoknight: what are you starin' at ya' pint sized mutt?
Red scout: says nothing
Demoknight: well then. Charges and decapitates the scout try that on for size ya' pint sized mutt!
Red sniper: surprised and says cheatin' only gets ya' so far mate and shoots at the demoknight from quite a distance away
Demoknight: charges out of the way of the bullet yah run a mile away and shoot me lad! Charges straight at the sniper and hits a rock, launching the demoknight into the air and lands and decapitates the sniper at the same time in your language, eat lead laddies.
Red Heavy: charge me doc!
Red medic: ja! Ubers
Red Heavy: HIDE COWARD!!!
Demoknight: smirks and charges and hits the medic with his shield, throwing the medic through a wall as the demoknight decapitates the heavy im gunna keel you and keep keeling you and I'm gonna.... Keel you and never gunna....... Cause your gonna be dead and I keel you.......
Red Demoman: what just happened?
Demoknight: charges and decapitates the Demoman I can't think of a one liner for you lad.
Administrator on speakers while the entire Blu team including the demoknight are doing the kazoty kick: victory
Blu scout: there's a dinga' for ya'!
Medic: I am ze ubermensch!
Spy: during the kazoty kick hilarious!
Scout: I am a dance machine!
Demoknight: wooo!!! Woo!! Woo!
Demoman: so who are you lad?
Demoknight: I'm a demoknight.
Everyone stares at him and stops doing the kazoty kick
Everyone: IDIOT!!!!
demoknight: you're gonna regret this. Leaves
Blue heavy: engineer I need new arm!
Engineer: alright then!
The end

Can anyone trade me a pompson for mantreads, quick fix, crusaders crossbow, liberty launcher, and an air strike?

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Selling a genuine indubitably green vox diabolus, price starting at 5 ref but I'm willing to negotiate.
Here's a link to my inventory:
Send me a friend request or comment if you're interested.
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Steam Community

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Anyone wanna buy an Orbiting Planets Furious Fuukamigasa?

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I am looking for an ap-sap. I got a key and 1 ref if needed
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Here's a link to what I'm selling on
Anyone interested in what I have to offer?

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Im giving the axtinguisher and the rescue Ranger for the cloak and dagger and the frintier justice ride yizr Steam Name belowe and i answere maybe
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Cloak and dagger
Fintier justicr

I'll give you 3 red for a burning team captain, it's 3 ref people! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I'm selling a Strange Natascha for 1.33 Ref and a Damage Dealt Strange Part for 2 Keys and 3.44 Ref. I'd prefer pure, but I'm flexible with items.
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