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OC/Warden template:

Gender: [m/f/trans/etc any gender really.]
Race: [Human, Elf, Dwarf, Golem, werewolf, Dragonkin(NONHUMANOID!!), Darkspawn, Qunari, Or Fade Spirit trapped in a corpse/Golem/tree/cat/etc.]
Class: [Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Beast, Construct]
Weapons: [No guns is all I have to say. Bows, swords, magic staves, and the like.]
Abilities: [try to keep true to the first or second games' ability trees.]

Almost forgot to mention, canon characters go in Cast, OC's go in OC profiles. Wardens are canon.

+Katarina Amaxas also dead but had potential.

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//Just outside of Highever, since this community has all but died. Open, descriptive requested. //

It had been ages since Morrigan had set foot in Fereldan. Well, not really ages, but long enough that she recognized the signs of battle between the village of Radcliffe and a dragon from afar.

My my, 'tis a good thing Arlathan spanned all of Thedas, and not just Fereldan. The mongrels there must have suffered dearly. She says without care as she studies the smoke from the funeral pyres.

Why, what happened over there, momma? The half elven witch asks from her mother's side. Her once muddy brown hair had started to darken so that she now more closely resembles her mother, despite being half her age. Of course, her father's features were still quite noteworthy and present, but the resemblance between her and her mother is uncanny.

Another battle, if my eyes do not deceive. But of course, this land is no stranger to them. Morrigan explains as she turns towards the village and adjusts the straps on her new outfit. Hopefully she could buy proper clothes by the time they left, though her daughter seems quite comfortable in the leather armor she now wears.

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Does anyone here still roleplay?
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Aside from myself and Sam, is anyone still here?

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Note to self.

A hard drive and DAI are necessary investments for this community. 

Update: done and done. Yay Walmart employee discount.

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Aren't you just the most precious thing~. Elisa giggles while playing with a random red fox that had wandered into Amaranthine. The fox seems to be patiently tolerating her antics as she was giving it food for behaving so well.

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(open to a descriptive fan of dragon age)

You are a dwarf. A warrior caste in Orzammar. You have a bow and a dagger and you are very good with both. You and your fellow dwarven comrades were braving the deep roads. You traveled deeper then you normally would because there seems to be less darkspawn than usual. One of your newer comrades thinks that, "maybe the darkspawn are laying a trap." you tell him, "don't be  ridiculous. darkspawn are not smart enough to pull of an ambush." deep into the deep roads and away from Orzammar you hear the clashes of sword fighting. You and the other dwarves with you cautiously follow the sounds to investigate. You stop at the edge of a steep slop and find me.

(anything i left out about your character, you can fill in)

I am a Qunari. I am a Tal Vashoth mercenary and i use a sword and shield. I do not where armor. I have boots and leather pants, but from the waist up i have only my skin painted with vitaar in tribal patterns.

I was hired by a surface dwarf to guide him safely into a Thaig along with another qunari, but we were overwhelmed by the darkspawn. The dwarf that hired me died, as well as the other qunari. I fled, running away from the Thaig. I entered a wide cavern and at the other end of it, more darkspawn. I had no choice but to fight them or die.

When you come, you see me holding off against 20 darkspawn with 8 already dead on the ground. I am injured and i won't hold much longer.
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So... recently, some things came up... in the very near future, I may be backing out of most forms of rp indefinitely, since I seem to do very little beyond beating up characters, canon and OC....

Loud farting noises "Oh thank the maker...that was awful, i had to get it out."

"I doubt you understand any of what i said, that's alright, it's a little much for you to comprehend."

"I'm a prodigy, not a miracle's close but not the same thing."

"It's been a long day, i really don't care what the damn magisters, the wardens, or the maker wants right now, let alone you."

Name: Chudo

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Nationality: Tevinter

5'8 1/2

250 lbs (he's a bit chubby but there is a good amount of muscle under there)

His hair is dark brown, fluffy, and constantly getting in his face, he refuses to cut it.

one brown eye, the other hazel

He wears high class mage robes of course.

Class: Mage, force mage, spirit healer, and master of primal magics, he also dabbles in blood maic like most of those in tevinter, but not much.

Personality: somewhat boorish, and downright rude to most, Chudo does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants, he's taken his tevinter nobility privilege for granted, but that's not surprising since he's known nothing else his entire life. he's also incredibly intelligent, and has a strategic mind.

Weapons: while he has developed beyond the point of needing a stave, he can use it to further increase his powers, he also uses a ring that helps channel just as well as a stave in case the stave is impractical or he needs a further power boost, however using the two in tandem will drain him rather quickly.

Abilities: MAGIC. He's also able to read nearly any language(Along with speaking it), and he's incredibly keen on navigating the fade.

Bio: Chudo has done essentially nothing but study magic, travel the world, and be a noble all his life, he owns several slaves, though he doesn't mistreat him like the common misconception of the tevinter slave condition is thought to be. He actually just has them work in the background for him, and they're surprisingly loyal to him...for some reason. anyway, Chudo has done a lot of things, but he's never been to ferelden, and he's considering making a visit. (Shitty bio but I don't care XD))
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