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Here are some helpful questions when beginning a Healing from Trauma journal: From my book, “Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide” (Edery, R. 2013, Pg.49-51)

1) What part(s) of your life do you find most difficult to remember? (These can be a specific age, location where you lived, series of events, time period, etc).

2) If you were to write a complete account of your entire life, from beginning to the present moment, which parts of your life would, you either skip over entirely, or write very little about? (These would be the parts of your story that if you could change what happened, you would do so without hesitation. These are the parts that awaken the deepest feelings of shame, fear, pain, disgust, anger, or of isolation. They cause you to either feel flooded with intense emotions, or to feel emotionless, numb, blocked, or a strong revulsion by them).

3) Do you have a pattern of specific themes in nightmares, flashbacks, painful physical sensations (that are without medical explanation), dysfunctional behaviors, relationship patterns, or personal escape mechanisms that are destructive?

4) Do you doubt that you can be happy, joyous, serene, and psychologically free, no matter what you went through, and how you feel about it?

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Host Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway tells us "I attended an AA meeting the other evening, and when “new people” were asked to identify themselves, the leader said: 'Stand up and tell us your name and your disease.' ”
Something in me really reacted negatively to that. I have come to question the illness model of AA. Not the disease model, but the illness model.
What do I mean by this? Listen to the Gateways - The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality and find out.
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Have you heard about Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway's best-selling book The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality published by Sacred Stories Publishing? Listen as Jane shares her wisdom and insights with you!

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When you are caught in the middle of your loved one's #addiction, it can be very difficult to see clearly through all the noise.
In the following #AlliesinRecovery blog post, a mother is advised to focus on her daughter's treatment and leave the rest behind.

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“You want to know the truth about drugs? You can only go one or two ways. You can go up, or you can go down. That's it.

After a certain point, though, no matter what you do, what you take, you don't go anywhere, and that's when you've got to sit down and face yourself.” ― RuPaul, Lettin it All Hang Out: An Autobiography

Recovery gives us the opportunity to heal and start living instead of just functioning.

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A helpful tool for those times when you think all hope is lost 🤣

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"The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening. The smaller the doubt, the smaller the awakening. No doubt - no awakening."  -CC Chang, The Practice of Zen.

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Welcome to The Gateways - a new Sacred Stories podcast by +Jane Galloway!
“How do I know what I think until I hear what I have to say?” Ralph Waldo Emerson
“The Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway has written – The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality a phenomenal book detailing a downloading of the amazing system of 12-Step Spirituality and Body/Mind/ Spirit tools she has used for the last many years as both a wisdom walk and a practical Strength-based approach to living. Learn more!

Rev. Dr. Galloway wrote the book because it was finally clear that in order for her to teach these tools that work for her, she needed to get them clearly into a system people could access. So she did that, and immediately realized that the questions people were asking her were requiring her to actually get at the deeper meaning of this work both for her and as a wisdom path.
In this introductory episode, Rev. Dr. Galloway talks a little about the process of discovery her book continues to open for her, in the hope that you will have the same experience in exploring the depth path contained in this amazing 12-step system.

Welcome to The Gateways.

Subscribe to podcast at

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Sacred Stories ON AIR - premiere episode! today 4pmET or on replay!
The Freedom That Lies Beyond Recovery! If you or someone you know has been affected by addiction —drugs and/or alcohol, over eating, over shopping, overwork, or any other compulsion—you're invited to this roundtable discussion with host Kate Sheehan Roach and guests Jane Galloway, Rami Shapiro, and Chris Grosso
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