iZombie Season 3 is coming out in April! So excited!

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Watching second season of I zombie. Love it

Love this show. Vant wait for season 2

As Mr./Ms. Phillips indicated, maybe there could be a bit more discussion here. So, as someone who enjoys (if not loves) the show, here are some thoughts sparked by Method Head, in which the show recently returned after its midwinter break.

Basically, I want to offer a suggestion that iZombie resembles a classic Marvel comic, in that it's all about the illusion of change. Not totally - one day the show will end and there will be a series finale in which Liv gets turned back to human. But we're a full year into the show now, and it's interesting how good it is at making us (well, me) happy with a a very robust status quo that it doesn't muck around with.

So if there's a cure, eventually we find out that it's only temporary. If Clive decides that he doesn't want to work with Liv, then (faster than I expected), he changes his mind. If Liv and Major get back together, they break up. If Liv acquires a zombie boyfriend, Lowell gets killed.

OK: not totally - Major has undergone massive change as a character since the beginning of the show, and the only thing that's constant about him is that he keeps careening off into new directions. But the rest of the show is remarkably stable in terms of who the main cast are and their relationships with Liv. That's not the only thing that's stable.- the show is consistently, each week, built around a police procedural investigation of one murder or another. Although (as I said) it will reach its end one day, until then it seems open-ended, built for continual storytelling - much like a classic Silver Age Marvel comic.

Not a complaint! One thing I really like about iZombie is that it's a show that I could tell anyone that they could just start watching and pick up what they needed to know as they went along.

Thoughts, anyone?

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