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Gadzooks, I have been bad! At getting out new tutorials, that is!
There are several topic areas not covered by the "Terry's Tutorials" segments at my YouTube channel - enough to fulfill many interests, I'm sure! But I do promise to churn out some new stuff this winter. Meanwhile: is the place to explore!

How to record up to 3 hours within CamStudio's 2GB file size limit.
Here is a paste-in of a conversation that just took place at my YouTube channel:

+Joey Pierce
 Hi Terry, i read one of your post where you manage to record 3 hours of slide shows with audio for under 2gb. Do you have a video where it shows how to do this?

Terry Leigh Britton:
No, I don't, but the secret was to:

A) Use Xvid as the compressor (at highest quality setting),

B) force a mono audio setting from the "Options for Record as Microphone" settings),

C) I recorded with "Playback rate" at 10 and "Capture Frames Every" set to 100. (Those multiply to 1000ms, keeping the audio in sync).

I still got a nice long recording from a 1280x720 region (720p), but you can get even more headroom by doing it at 854x480 (480p). Use the "Fixed" region selector to dial in those numbers. Definitely test first with similar material, because if there is lots of motion, it will eat up more space.

Oh, and:

D) I set the "Set Keyframes Every" setting to 300.

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I've been remiss in churning out new how-to videos lately. So, I invite you all to request tutorials to assist my brain in coming up with topics.

The Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show has had regular tech tutorials on the shows, so check out those programs for more if you cannot wait for standalone ones. The description/show more area of almost every one of them has time-stamps you can click to jump to the parts you want to see. Here is the link to the playlist of shows.

Thanks so much for the add :)

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Blender 2.73 RC video editor tutorial. How to do simple transitions, insert audio from You Tube and create a simple lower third.

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Voicemeeter is a versatile "virtual audio mixer" software for Windows*. This is a one-hour webinar covering everything in the Voicemeeter software's manual, for those who would rather watch a video!
*XP, Vista, 7 and 8, both 32 and 64-bit.

Voicemeeter allows two hardware inputs (or more in some cases) to be mixed with system sounds with slider control over each level, and some strip-based processing as well. Output to monitoring devices AND broadcast or recording software can be controlled for each input. I know of no other software offering this much flexibility, and it is free to use, being monetized as donationware - pay what you can according to your means. 

Download the PDF of the manual here, then follow along!


VB-Audio Virtual Cable:

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Advanced Audio for Hangouts and other Recordings
Yes, folks, this is for anyone who has wanted to get more audio then their microphone into a hangout or a screen recording. I'll be showing how the Voicemeeter mixer makes this all simple - to bring in a Skype call or Hangout audio, or have some public domain music in the background or used as an intro. I will show CamStudio and OBS as two screen recorders you can record with, but this applies the same to recording into an HOA. This will be recorded so you can watch me setting it all up at your convenience later on, but I will be watching the event-page comments for questions (if Andrew reminds me to look!) and will field those as appropriate during the program or at the end. Then Friday we will do a hands-on session with anyone who wants to come into the hangout at 2 PM EST.

  #voicemeeter #screencasting #hoatips #tutorial  

+Terry Leigh Britton I've been researching "poor man's" video switching to facilitate remote HOAs with multiple cameras but a single up-link video stream.  
In the past, the events I've streamed live were in a controlled environment where we'd have 3 distinct computers all connected to high speed wired connections and enjoying an composite up-link speed of 5 Mbps or better.  Having three streams up wasn't a problem in that environment.
We are considering addressing venues where we don't know or control the infrastructure. To hedge against bandwidth strain where the wired infrastructure is less robust, or nonexistent (cellular anyone?) I'm trying to re-engineer toward local video mixing and streaming only one computer.
A lot of the You Tube live guys use ETEM gear with HDMI videocams (Canon HV20, 30).  Rebuilding my kit to go this route would mean at least a couple thousand dollars in equipment (and that's buying used cameras).
I'm hoping to take an intermediate step where I can continue to use (at least initially) multiple USB webcams.
I can recall a post of yours commenting to +Dan McDermott about video cards but cannot recall if any of the cards you and he were discussing supported USB webcams.
I'm approaching proficiency with OBS and hope to use it in place of a hardware video mixer.
Knowing what you know about OBS and live streaming, I'd appreciate your advice on modest cost interfaces which would allow me multiple camera's, switched locally via OBS and "live streamed" to G+ HOA and You Tube.

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And still more on Pixlr!

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From the first "Terry's Thursday Night Tutorials" session!
Some topics covered in this Pixlr tutorial session:
Lower Thirds revisited (and middle thirds!)
Adding a subject to another picture.
Removing a dog's "white pupils" from flash
Resizing bars to an exact percentage
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