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Olympus Station is in a time of problems. The safe parts of the station have been stripped clean of supplies. People are now forced to travel deeper into the station for medical supplies, food, water, and ammunition.

//Important Events//

Supply shortages

Flu begins to spread


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ATTENTION EVERYONE! We need to revive this community, I believe it has great potential.
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Z was slowly making a patrol run to eliminate any threats to the ship, Yet Z finds you and you... (Open RP)

"You'll be dead before you even know I'm here mate"

"Flash bang there, smoke grenade there and 5 bullets from my pistol is all I need to take out 10 men"

"I'll be in and out with blood on my hands"

Name: Cameron

Nickname: 'Ghost'

Faction: Any military


Gender: Male

Race: Mix-Race (irish/african)

Species: human

Height: 6'0

Weight: 128ib

Description: has dark brown eyes and a scar across left eye,

Personality: cool and collected, very composed, is relentless and will do whatever is necessary to get a job done, has a soft side, isn't very talkative and likes to be alone,

Skills: stealth, can take out an entire base by himself, is a great hand to hand combatant, great with a knife and pretty much any gun

Armor/clothing: wears a black bara-clava with black sunglasses, a black jacket with a black kit over the top,black jeans, black military boots, fingerless gloves

Weapons: Silenced pistol and sniper are his main Weapons he uses but he also carries a spas-12 shotgun,and two glock-18 machine pistols,

Other equipment: Night vision goggles, heat vision sight for sniper,

Bio: Ghost was born to a military family, his father was a sergeant and his mother was a pilot, at the age of 18 he enlisted with the military and became one of the best in the program, he was given special training others did not receive, by the age of 29 he could take our a small outpost through stealth alone, he was made apart of a special program where soldiers who were the best were specially selected to go out in small teams and infiltrate various enemy bases,outposts, or to even assassinate targets, he was eventually deemed too dangerous and put aboard the Olympic as a guard to minimizer the amount of damage he could cause

We gotta revive this place

I Was searching in the lockers for useful items. You see me and you (Open RP dont ask)

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What are the Factions

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(( First segment of the story! Make sure you are descriptive and ask before joining in!))

Death. Death is something we all fear, something we despise and avoid. When we hear of death we have a tendency to feel grief and pain. On Olympus station however, death is all but a part of the daily routine.

Commander Virgil sat at his desk viewing the daily report on a small holographic monitor.

[] 27 civilian casualties

[] 7 military casualties

[] 16 missing civilians

[] 79% of the population infected with the flu

He turned off the monitor and sighed. Things were getting worse. Every day the death rate increased. Whether it be flu, raider, or creature, people were dieing to fast. Worst of all was the fact that Virgil had no idea what to do about it. The main issue was the flu. Under normal circumstances that wouldn't be an issue however, medical supplies were rare. In all truth he new exactly what to do, he just didn't want to do it.

He got up from his desk and called for a meeting of all military personnel not on patrol or sentry duty. The meeting was to be held in the Remnant meeting room.

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