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King Carva | Tom | +Creepy Carrie
Queen Swirl | She-Cat | +Tigerstar Of Tigerclan
Royal Kits Tyge | Tom | +•Tigger• Shadow | Tom | +Erica Hunter Storm | She-Cat | +Tigerstar Of Tigerclan NO MORE ROYAL KIT RANKS LEFT OPEN

Servants Rain | She-Cat | +Shadefur OPEN

Head Guards Takirra {Ta- keer- a } (Sister of Carva)| She-Cat | +Creepy Carrie Sliy | Tom | +Mini Mun OPEN
Guards Heron | She-Cat | +•Tigger• OPEN

Head Hunters Gospel | She-Cat |
Hunters Natalli {Na- tall- ee} | Tom | +Creepy Carrie Comet | Tom | +Erica Hunter OPEN

Head Archers OPEN
Archers OPEN

Spys Riveir {Riv- ear} | Tom | +Creepy Carrie. Scar | Tom | +Mini Mun OPEN

Head Blacksmith OPEN
Blacksmiths OPEN

Architect Callari | She-Cat | +Creepy Carrie

Head Builder OPEN
Builders OPEN

Mothers OPEN

Guard Apprentices OPEN
Hunter Apprentices OPEN
Spy Apprentices OPEN
Blacksmith Apprentices OPEN
Archer Apprentices OPEN
Architect Apprentice OPEN
Builder Apprentices OPEN

Elders Biten-ear | Tom | +Mini Mun
Prisoners Maraki | She-Cat | +•Tigger• OPEN

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Spy Sensation


Featuring +Mini Mun
Characters Josie, Scar, Rivier, Time, Lazarus, and many more along the way!

Art By Me


The sound of busy paw steps awoke Josie that morning. She opened her amber colored eyes, gazing at what was around her. The young she-cat raised her head to see that she was in her den located deep down under the royal castle. Vines crawled across the dirt walls of the den, leading to a small hole big enough for an adult cat to squeeze through. It was the entrance/exit that lead into the spy corridor. Multiple sharp wooden stakes used for weapons were scattered around the ground, as well as bits and pieces of moss and feathers from Josie's bed. It was obvious she wasn't an organized individual.
Josie got to her paws, stretched her legs, and smoothed out her blood red fur before exiting the den and going out into the spy corridor. She noticed a few other cats hustling around in the hall, most likely the sound that had awaken her. She gave a small nod of greeting to them before heading out of the corridor, opposite way of the common room.
She found herself climbing upwards not long after as she headed towards the main floor of the royal castle. Josie took in the fresh air as soon as she exited the tunnels. Her ears pricked as the sound of morning birds chirping triggered her senses. The feline continued along towards her destination, crossing over to the other side of the cave to see a small arch leading into a separate room. She slid under the opening and a huge new burst of smells hit her like an angry fox. The smell of herbs, flowers, and all kinds of other plants. Josie knew she was in the herbal room where injured cats went to see the alchemist in order to get their wounds healed.
This part of the cave was a wide circle shape with a high ceiling that spiraled upwards into the sky. All around were carved shelves in the stone walls for herbs to be placed and moss beds. And in those moss beds lay multiple injured or sickly cats. Among them was a lean black and white furred tom with a light blue tie around his neck whom Josie knew as Rivier {Riv~ear}. She remembered how the former head archer Shazi had attacked him and Scar since they found out about her murdering Callari over her love for Sily.
Josie remembered Scar the previous day telling her to meet him here as she looked around for the black furred tom with the bright red scarf...


1st Pic Rivier
2nd Pic Josie
3rd Pic Lazarus
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Current: Chayton {chay-tun}
Past: Chayton
Future: Chayton
Nicknames: Chay

{Basic Information}

Gender: Male
Age: 32 moons
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Kind and sweet, he's a big teddy bear who will comfort anyone. He also is a big goofball and loves to joke around a lot. He's a big optimist. However, he can be very fierce in battle due to his size and attacking style (though he would rather talk then fight.)

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank: Rouge
Past: None

Current Home: Stays deep inside the forest, sometimes strays into Moon Spirits territory
Past: Far away, near the mountains
Future: unknown

{Love Life}

Mate: Open
Crush: Open
Kits: none
Secret Mate: Open
Secret Kits: none


Mother: Taya (Most likely deceased)
Father: Nifuna (Deceased)
Brothers: Dakado
Sisters: Jeena


Chayton was always very close to his family. His father taught him how to fight and use a dagger. His mother taught him how to hunt, hide, and about the dangers of humans. He also had a brother, Dakado, and a sister, Jeena, that he loved deeply. His father got hit and killed by a car when Chayton was only a year old. His mother, like all mountain lions, sent Chayton and his siblings away when they turned two years. She gave him a red scarf to remember her, and the chest harness to remember his father (she gave Dakado a green scarf and a spear strap, and she gave Jeena a blue scarf and neck armor.) Chayton hasn't seen his family since.

A couple days after leaving, he lost his tail to a wolf attack. He caught one eating his prey, and tried to scare it away, thinking there was only one. He barely escaped by climbing a tree and got his tail bitten off in the process.
Wolves, other mountain lions, and humans have drove him farther and farther away from his home. Now, thinking that the territory he found (the large area of the Moon Spirits,) is uninhabited, he stays there for now.

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Ahem Ahem, the official choosing of the next King will be now! Please, before you vote, check out the profiles, don't only vote for someone because they are your friend.

+Tigerstar Of Tigerclan Storm will not be in the poll because you are already Queen. Though she will participate in the games.
votes visible to Public
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Shadow (Erica Hunter)
Tyje (Lazy Seal. *Cough* Tigger *Cough*)

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Hmmm is there any high ranks open like Medicine cat or deputy?


The three tests for the royal kits will be starting as soon as the owners of Tyge, Storm, and Shadow comment their arrival. We will discuss who will win.

+Erica Hunter
+Tigerstar Of Tigerclan

Storm is probably unlikely to win. This is not personal, but I'm saying this because TigerStar of TigerClan is already Queen, and I would like for everyone to get a chance as King or Queen.

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Closed to: +Creepy Carrie
I thought they should get more developed together.

Shadow, the first born royal kit of Carva and Swirl, sat on a rock in the center of camp. He had not yet learned that the royal family were to be seen by the "average" cats of the clan, so he didn't go to the royal den as often as he thought he should. That's when..
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