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King Carva | Tom | +Creepy Carrie
Queen Swirl | She-Cat | +Tigerstar Of Tigerclan
Royal Kits Tyge | Tom | +•Tigger• Shadow | Tom | +Erica Hunter Storm | She-Cat | +Tigerstar Of Tigerclan NO MORE ROYAL KIT RANKS LEFT OPEN

Servants Rain | She-Cat | +Shadefur OPEN

Head Guards Takirra {Ta- keer- a } (Sister of Carva)| She-Cat | +Creepy Carrie Sliy | Tom | +Mini Mun OPEN
Guards Heron | She-Cat | +•Tigger• OPEN

Head Hunters Gospel | She-Cat |
Hunters Natalli {Na- tall- ee} | Tom | +Creepy Carrie Comet | Tom | +Erica Hunter OPEN

Head Archers OPEN
Archers OPEN

Spys Riveir {Riv- ear} | Tom | +Creepy Carrie. Scar | Tom | +Mini Mun OPEN

Head Blacksmith OPEN
Blacksmiths OPEN

Architect Callari | She-Cat | +Creepy Carrie

Head Builder OPEN
Builders OPEN

Mothers OPEN

Guard Apprentices OPEN
Hunter Apprentices OPEN
Spy Apprentices OPEN
Blacksmith Apprentices OPEN
Archer Apprentices OPEN
Architect Apprentice OPEN
Builder Apprentices OPEN

Elders OPEN
Prisoners Maraki | She-Cat | +•Tigger• OPEN

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"Take everything you own and leave my house now!"

★ Name

☆ Current Name: Gospel
☆ Past Name[s]: Gospel
☆ Future Name[s]:Gospel
☆ Origin of Name:
Gospel:Owners named her that

★ Basic Info

☆ Gender: Female
☆ Age: 22 moons
☆ Sexuality: Straight

★ Info
☆ Rank: Head hunter
☆ Past Ranks; None

★ Personality

☆ Basic Personality: Sarcastic but sweet
☆ Positive Traits: Kind and weird to friends
☆ Neutral Traits:Depends on who your asking
☆ Negative Traits:She can't be mean no matter how hard she tries

★ Favorites/Least Favorites

♡ Favorites:

☆ Cat: Open
☆ Food: A mouse
☆ Scent: Flowers
☆ Time of Day: Sunhigh
☆ Plant: Daisy
☆ Place: Near friends

♡ Least Favorites:

☆ Cat: Open
☆ Food: Vole
☆ Scent: Any other scent
☆ Time of Day: Sun fall
☆ Plant: Death berry
☆ Place: Near cats

★ Appearance

☆ Basic Appearance: A Red she cat with weird spots and stripes
☆ Main Pelt Color: Red
☆ Markings: Red stripes and spots
☆ Eye Color[s]: Green
☆ Inner Ear Color: Pink
☆ Paw Pad Color[s]: Dim pink
☆ Nose Color: Dark pink
☆ Scars: No where in particular
☆ Height: Medium
☆ Length: Normal

★ Associations

♡ Family

☆ Mother: Unknown
☆ Father:Pardon
☆ Siblings: Gypsy and Buzzard

♡ Clan

☆ Mentor: None
☆ Past Mentor: OPEN
☆ Apprentice: OPEN
☆ Past Apprentice[s]: None
☆ Friends: Open
☆ Mate: Open
☆ Kits: Open

★ Stats:

☆ Hunting: 4/10
☆ Fighting: 5/10
☆ Stalking: 2/10
☆ Climbing: 3/10
☆ Swimming: 6/10
☆ Herb Knowledge: 0/10
★ Other

☆ Theme Song: This is Gospel:Panic! At the disco
☆ Fun Facts:
Sounds like Rapunzel

★ Biography

Gospel is the first born of Pardon. She was hand fed by her owners in Texas. Till she and her father were abandoned to go on their own. She's very sweet and sarcastic and doesn't really like others besides the ones who win her heart. She is close friends with Harlem and Boston winning their hearts to help them in battle.

☆ Kit:

☆ Apprentice:

☆ Warrior:

☆ Other Rank:

★ Credits
The photo taker
☆ Art:
☆ Template: ღ ѕ c α я l є т ѕ н α d є ღ #ScarletsWarriorTemplate [please change the hashtag to # mcshadystemplate for profiles! this one is for easily getting the blank template.
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Current: Kija {Kee-Jah}
Past: none
Future: none
Nicknames: none

{Basic Information}

Gender: Male
Age: 48 moons
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Strict, loyal, confident, brave

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank: Head Archer
Past: Archer, Archer apprentice

Current Home: The Moon Spirits
Past: None
Future: unknown

{Love Life}

Mate: Open
Crush: Open
Kits: none
Secret Mate: Open
Secret Kits: none


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Sisters: Unknown


Kija joined the Moon Spirits when he was a young kit. He became a archer apprentice, and soon one of the best archers. He was later appointed Head Archer due to his skill and discipline.

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Current Callari {Ca-lar-ee}
Past Callari
Future Callari
Nicknames Prissy

{Basic Information}

Gender Female
Age 19 moons
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Sassy, Bossy, Prissy, Perfectionist

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank Architect
Past Kit, Architect Apprentice
Future Fire Catcher resident

Current Home The Moon Spirits
Past The Moon Spirits
Future Fire Catcher Territory

{Love Life}

Mate |Closed for whoever gets Crush|
Crush OPEN
Kits |Closed for whoever gets Mate|
Secret Mate None
Secret Kits None


Mother Takirra
Father Unknown
Brothers None
Sisters None
Apprentice OPEN


When Callari turned 3 moons old, she was elected architect apprentice by famous architect Shneer {Sh-Near}. Shneer was her mentor until Shneer died of natural causes. Callari then became the Moon Spirits architect. She's always been bossy and enjoys ordering the builders around.

IM ADDING MORE RANKS. See the other ranks and other dens in the 'IMPORTANT' category.

Head Blacksmith

There is only ONE head blacksmith. The head blacksmith makes weapons for the head guards, head archers, King, and Queen. He/She also makes armor for the head guards, King and Queen. The head blacksmith is aloud to have a mate and kits. Head blacksmiths do not have apprentices. Once the head blacksmith dies, the King appoints a new head blacksmith.


There is no limit to how many blacksmiths there are. Blacksmiths create weapon and armor for the guards and archers. Blacksmiths are aloud to have a mate and kits. They can receive a apprentice, even more than one at the same time.

Blacksmith apprentice

There is no limit to how many blacksmith apprentices there are. Blacksmith apprentices create armor and weapons for guard apprentices and archer apprentices if their creations are approved by their mentor.


There is only ONE architect. The architect plans out what the dens will look like and decorations in the camp along with decorations in the King & Queen's den. They only have ONE apprentice. The Architect can have a mate and kits.

Architect Apprentice

There is only ONE architect apprentice. The architect apprentice hears what the architect's plans are and asks the whole camp what they think. The architect apprentice comes back with the feedback and tells it to the architect.

Head Builder

There is only ONE head builder. The head builder receives the plans from the architect and orders his/her builders to build it. The King and Queen elect the Head Builder. The head builder can have a mate and kits and cannot have an apprentice.


There is no limit to how many builders there are. Builders get orders from the Head Builder and build whatever the architect wanted. They can have more than one apprentice at the same time. Builders can have a mate and kits.

Builder apprentices

There is no limit to how many builder apprentices there are. Builder apprentices work with the builders to build whatever the architect wanted.

Head Archer

There is no limit to how many head archers there are. Head archers work with the Head guards on patrols and fights. Though they have bows and arrows. Head archers are elected by the King and Queen. They may have ONE apprentice. Head archers get their weapons and armor from the Head blacksmiths. Head archers can have a mate and kits.


There is no limit to how many archers there are. Archers get their bows and arrows from the blacksmiths. Archers may have more than one apprentice at the same time. Archers can have a mate and kits.

Archer Apprentice

There is no limit to how many archer apprentices there are. Archer apprentices get their weapons from blacksmith apprentices.

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Self approved.


Current: Comet

Past: Comet

Future: Comet

Nicknames: Star

{Basic Information}

Gender: Tom

Age: 19 Moons

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Friendly, quick thinker, positive, fast, energetic

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank: Hunter

Past: Kit, Hunter Apprentice

Current Home: The Moon Spirits

Past: The Moon Spirits

Future: Undecided

{Love Life}

Mate: Open

Crush: Open

Kits: None

Secret Mate: Open

Secret Kits: None


Mother: Marigold

Father: Pepper

Brothers: None

Sisters: Maria


When Comet was born, he had no siblings, so he was very close to his mother and father. As he grew older he became an apprentice and started to train to become a Hunter in The Moon Spirit's Camp. He worked hard and eventually he achieved his goal of being a Hunter. He still continues to work hard in his role, and tries to help all of his clan mates. 

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Current: Heron
Past: None
Future: none
Nicknames: none

{Basic Information}

Gender: Female
Age: 23 moons
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Friendly, energetic, flirty, protective, gets angered easily

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank: Guard
Past: kit, Guard Apprentice

Current Home: The Moon Spirits
Past: None
Future: unknown

{Love Life}

Mate: Open
Crush: Open
Kits: none
Secret Mate: Open
Secret Kits: none


Mother: Minnow (Deceased)
Brothers: Osprey (Guard, black and white cat)
Sisters: None


Heron never knew her father, and her mother died when she was young. She has always been best friends with her only brother, Osprey. They do everything together; they became apprentices together, guards together, and always go on patrols together.
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• Name > Sliy

• Gender > male

• Age > 11 moons

• Rank > head guard

• Crush/Mate > open

•persionility > careful,thoughtful

• Likes > nature

• Dislikes > Annoying things

• Biography > "huh, maybe I'll tell you.... NEVER!" (Aka in rp)

Credit for temeplate: +Sakis Efraimidis


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Current: Maraki {Mar-uh-kee}
Past: None
Future: unknown
Nicknames: none

{Basic Information}

Gender: Female
Age: 31 moons
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Quiet, snappy, quick-witted, but compassionate to her few friends

{Rank & Home}

Current Rank: Prisoner
Past: none

Current Home: The Moon Spirits
Past: Unknown/undiscovered
Future: unknown

{Love Life}

Mate: Open
Crush: Open
Kits: none
Secret Mate: Open
Secret Kits: none


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brothers: unknown
Sisters: unknown


Maraki will not tell any Moon Spirits cats (not yet) her history and where she came from, but she was found on the territory. When the patrol tried to drive her out, she fought back, and became a prisoner.

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Name: Rain

Age: 8 Moons


Medical/Mental Issues: Behind her tuft is an eye socket with what use to be her green eye. For being different, her cruel mother scratched the eye out, and when it "looked uglier" she threw the poor kit into a stream. Luckily, she was saved. She doesn't remember this, as she was only a moon old at the time.

Rank: Servant

Theme Song: Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Mate: None

Kits: Closed simply too young for kittens

Art Credit: This art belongs to me, please don't take it unless you are given permission

Thanks for uh.. guiding.. Me +Creepy Carrie​
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