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MIUI .. for galaxy nexus gives me a filed when trying to install via TWRP!! This is the 3rd attempt. wiped cache, dalvik, system, data etc .. Im on TWRP

Whats going on

MIUI for note 2?....stable?...Please?

i have a galaxy S3 international. Does ur MIUI work for that or is there some other version i can try. 

Is this based on jb 4.2.2 or 4.3.1?

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I see love for the i9300 GS3 but not i535 for v5. I'd love to see this someday, anywhere I can get my hands on even an alpha build? I don't want the CM10 base...

A few important pieces of information and question to you guys:

I. MIUI v4 Build VI will be getting another Patch Update
II. I will be picking MIUI back up in exactly one month from now when school gets out and I will be doing weekly (more or less) for our device as the maintainer
III. I will be releasing and maintaining our device for MIUI v5.
IV. I will be posting BETAs to my Google+ Community to play with
V. (Question) Is the person who posted that v5 build for our device going to pick up the project or was that just a small throw up build or port as I've heard?

Edit: One more important bullet--

My Birthday is May 5 and I'll be turning 15 :D Feel free to buy me gifts! Haha

v5 Private Alphas coming soon. Build from Scratch by me over Spring Break~! :D

Comment below if you'd like to test, but please make sure you know how to reprovision your phone if needed! 

is there any way besides a theme to implement the v5 icons and stuff in?
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