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Oh, I'm not on either side....I'm just here to rumble in the chaos!
Quotes: You know know me very well...
Everyone deserves rights! And lefts!
Name: Sheogorath || Jyygalag
Nicknames: Daedric Prince of Madness, Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles, Lord of the Never-There, Sovereign of the Shivering Isles, Mad Lord, Mad Star, Mad One, Mad God, Champion of Cyrodill | Daedric Prince of Order
Gender: Genderless but takes male form
Age: Unknown
Race: Daedric Prince(The strongest Daedric Prince)

Powers & Abilities: Reality warping, immortality (type 1 and 3), regeneration (low-godly), dimension absorbing, telepathy, telekinesis, omnipresence, absorb unprotected dimensions into his own, time manipulation
Attack potency: Multiversal
Speed: Immeasurable || Omnipresent
Striking and lifting strength: Immeasurable
Durability: Multiverse
Stamina: Limitless
Range: Multiversal+ (can interact with Mundus and other realms of Oblivion, and even Aetherius)
Standard Equipment: The Wabbajack, The Staff of Sheogorath | Sword of Jyygalag
Intelligence: Despite being insane, he has shown to still be highly intelligent, and can even outsmart other Daedric Princes | Nigh-Omniscient
Weaknesses: Weaker outside his own realm, insane
Bio: Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of madness and (now) order. He, in his own realm, is almost unbeatable due to the fact he has complete control over it. He also has the ability to absorb realms into his own, so watch out, yours might be next. He resided on shivering island until he beat himself(confusing, right?) and became the daedric Prince of order.
Likes: Cheese, parties, insanity, controlling people, wine, chaos, evil.
Dislikes: Purity, Sanity, goody two-shoes.
Personality: Insane, evil, chaotic, funny, manipulative, one step ahead, intelligent.

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