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Hey guys, as many have asked us to share insights for weekend escapes and adventures next to Santiago, as well as best places to experience Chile and just finding awesome things to do, we decided to share some of our tips here.

We have curated all of this info with photos and maps on Epiclist, but because we are just on iPhone now, many of you can not download the app… So here are a couple of ideas to keep you busy with adventure during your time here in Chile. If you have more suggestions, please let us know in the comments and we will add them to this list:

1. Hiking to the Mountain Peaks around Santiago:
Santiago is surrounded by mountains. Many of them offer incredible hikes! Close to downtown, start from Cerro San Cristobal, rising 300m above the rest of Santiago, for a great viewing point for the city skyline and the surrounding mountains. Move on to Cerro Manquehue, a three hour hike to reach 567m. If you´re ready, take a full day to climb to 2750m peak of Cerro Provincia, one of the most favourite weekend hikes for Chileans. Or take two days to stay one night on the top of Provincia and walk all the way across the mountain ridge to reach the 3200m peak of San Ramon (Horacio Melo´s favorite:) - Every weekend can be a new mini-adventure climbing those! You can do those hikes yourself if you know what to do or hire a tour company to take you out ($80-$160 for a day). 

Andes Handbook is a great ressource for info

2. Experience Cajon del Maipo:

- We did a hike to San Francisco Glacier / El Morado Glacier (1,5h car drive from Santiago) and it was awesome! If you go not in summer, you will find lots of little or heavy snow passages on this easy trek (quite flat for most of the time). Find some info here

- Heat it up in the Colina Thermal Pools: Hot thermal pools of Colina, just 20min by car from Banos Morales / El Morado (2h from Santiago). There are hot pools (under the stars in the night??) and a little camping area: Find more info here

- Go for horseriding, climbing or rafting (pretty mild) here as well.

3. Surf in Pichilemu: 
Named one of the best place to surf in Chile, Pichilemu is the destination with long black sands, laid-back vibe and and great waves! It doesn’t matter if you´re a pro or a newby, come here to experience the surfer´s lifestyle in Chile! Its easy to get a bus from Santiago and spend a weekend there, renting boards on the beach or take a surfing course. Make sure to surf both in Pichilemu and Punta de Lobos next to it!

4. Get lost in the dunes of Concon:

Concon is a great surfing spot, not only for your surfboard, but also for your sandboard. Head to the massive sand dunes between Renaca and Concon (you can take a minibus from Vina del Mar and ride for about 15min - you will not miss your exit stop). Rent a board ($2 for 1hour) or just go up, jump crazy around in the dunes and enjoy stunning views from the top. 

5. Explore Pucon and climb the active volcano Villarica:
Pucon is such a great town with a chilled, laid-back vibe. And its full of adventure in the same time! Go for rafting or white-water kayaking class III-IV, hike national parks, go downhill MTB, hire some ATV and chill afterwards in thermal springs. But the highlight of Pucon is definitely the active Villarica volcano. Hike through snow and reach the peak and you´ll be rewarded with a unique view from the crater´s edge at 2847m. Aguaventura is the Epiclist Partner down there and can help you organize the best experiences. Check in with them here!

You can easily take an overnight bus from Santiago and wake up next day in Pucon (about 10h drive) from Thu/Friday to Saturday and go back Sunday on Monday to be back in the office for your morning coffee! 

In Pucon, make sure to grab some of the best burgers in the world in a place called Latitude39! You will not regret it!

7. Escapes to the beach: 

Obviously most people head to Vina del Mar or Renaca to the beach and the ocean. The water is cold, but who cares? There is way more you can do. Rent a car and just follow north from Vina del Mar along the coast to visit chilled beach towns like Horcon and others, which all have their own vibe, great food and way less tourists!

8. Longer journeys in Chile

Most travellers head to the Atacama desert in the north and Patagonia (mostly Torres del Paine) in the south. Both are incredible adventures, but you need more time to make the most out of it and experience them to the fullest. We recommend around 5 days for Atacama and at least 7 days for the whole trip to Patagonia. 

Our team has been in Torres del Paine and created a little guide from our journey here: https://medium.com/p/b7652edf758a

As well this beautiful guide by SUPper Sergio Marreiro: https://medium.com/travel-hospitality/a0d5c2f1d21a

Now its just time for you to get going and explore! 

If you have an iPhone, simple add those experiences and create your own journeys with Epiclist: download.epiclist.io
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Hike the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim in four days! 446km long, 29km wide, one hell of a challenge! This hike goes from the South rim to the North rim but you can also do it the other way. No previous hiking experience required but try to avoid the summer months if you can. 

Gear up! 
Hiking the Grand Canyon requires a minimum of preparation, especially in summer. Don’t forget to bring a sufficient amount of water, about 2L per person per day, food, a first aid kit and appropriate clothing if you’re staying overnight - it can get pretty cold. There are some locations where drinking water is available but these sources are unreliable: always carry water with you. Yet, remember to not overpack, you’ll have to carry it on your back for 4 days! 

Depart from the South Rim Village
To get to the hiking trails, you’ll need to get a shuttle as the area is closed to private vehicles. You can take the shuttle from the South Rim village and it will take you to the trail in 20 minutes. Once you get there, take a second to stand on the rim and admire the view from 2213m high - it is stunning

Day 1: Hike from South Kaibab to Bright Angel Campground
The South Kaibab is considered one of the most scenic trails of the canyon. On your way down, you’ll get to enjoy the panoramic views of the canyon. This hike is about 6kms and should take you between two and four hours. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you walk across the Black Bridge above the Colorado river, you might see some eagles, condors and other prey birds, some coyotes, elks and even mountain lions. Enjoy the sunset from Bright Angel Campground and if you have the energy, head to Phantom Ranch Lodge for a cold lemonade. 
You can also stay at the Phantom Ranch Lodge for about $50 per night per person. It is the only accommodation facility available in the park so be sure to book well in advance if you want to stay there. 

Day 2: Ribbon Falls
Ribbons Falls is situated about 8km from Phantom Ranch, up the Bright Angel canyon. The canyon is very narrow and the hike can be difficult but you reach the oasis at the end of the trail, it will all be worth it. Emerge from the trail and you’ll come face to face with the waterfalls, cascading over a bright green moss covered 15m high rock. If you have the energy, you can climb the path that will lead you behind the falls. Take some time to enjoy the water, and even have a picnic, before heading back where you came from. 

Day 3: The Bright Angel trail
You start the day with a 2km hike along the Colorado river before turning onto Bright Angel trail. Take the opportunity to take a dip in the Bright Angel creek on the way. You’ll then hike up 7km (4 miles) to Indian Gardens campground where you’ll spend your last night.  Along the way, you can stop in Plateau Point, situated 400m above the river, where the views are breathtaking. 

Day 4: Hike your way out
This is your last day of hiking and by far the easiest since you did all the effort the day before. You’re almost there! The last part of the hike is a bit more than 7km and takes you up to the North rim. You made it - have an ice cream, sit down, relax, enjoy the feeling and go brag to your friends about completing this epic challenge! 
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The Emerald Isle is small and yet offers some of the most beautiful natural wonders you could imagine. The small country is well worth the detour if you’re looking for almost unreal landscapes. 

Hiking the Gap of Dunloe and the lakes of Killarney
This 11km day long hike will take you through some rugged scenery of a mountain. As you hike up, you’ll get some beautiful views of the surrounding lakes.

Visit the Giant’s Causeway
This spectacular rock formation is Northern’s Ireland”s only UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll have a hard time believing it’s natural. The entrance is free so make sure you take a walk around this beautiful area. 
Go around the Ring of Kerry
The Ring of kerry is the most common route to see the famous County Kerry, one of Ireland’s most beautiful area. Start off from Killarney, either by car or by bike. If you go by car, do it counterclockwise and start early to avoid the tour buses. 

Sea Kayaking in West Cork
Atlantic Sea Kayaking offers half day, full day and darkness kayaking trips that will take you along the coast where you can fully experience the nature around you. Sea kayaks are extremely stable, so don’t be scared, book your expedition (from 50€)! 

Coasteering in Connemara
Connemara is surely one of the beautiful areas in Ireland. A simple drive around will be enough to amaze you. If you want more of an adrenaline rush, coasteering is what you need. This mix of swimming through caves, climbing and jumping off cliffs all along the coastline should give you a  good overview of Ireland’s most precious gem. 

Cycling in County Mayo
Cycling is very popular in Ireland. The County Mayo offers great trails with endless fantastic scenery: villages, lowlands, islands, castles, historic sites and beautiful coastal views. There are trails adapted to all levels of fitness.  

Drive the Wild Atlantic Way
Supposably the longest define coastal drive in the world, the Wild Atlantic Way covers 2400km, offering incomparable views of the coastline and taking you through charming villages and ruins of ancient castles. Rent a car and drive from Inishowen Peninsula, all the way to Kinsale. A truly epic road trip. 
Explore Dingle
This open air museum is best discovered by car. Make sure you drive to the top of Ireland’s second tallest mountain, Mount Brandon (1000m). The rest of the peninsula is full of monuments, reminders of other times. Get lost in the mist that coats the coast and if you’re brave enough, grab a surf board and dive into the freezing waters.  

Ride the Black Swell
Professional surfers flock to Cornwall in January to experience the Black Swell, waves that go over 15m. Stay away if you’re not experienced. That being said, Ireland has plenty of great surfing spots for amateurs such as Sligo or Donegal
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Bungy Jump in Christchurch
Did you know Christchurch is the place where bunny jumping was invented? Yep, 1986, by AJ Hackett. To this day, people still go there just for a good jump. At about NZ$180, it’d be silly to miss out on the experience!

The Nevis Swing in Queenstown
The Nevis Swing take you for a ride at 160m high. Don’t eat anything before hand and make sure you empty your pockets because you’re in for a wild ride, check out this video: http://goo.gl/z0qbPu. You can book this experience here,  it will cost you $180, transportation is included (mandatory since it’s on private land) and it is only doable in the morning, daily departure at 8.40AM. 

Kaikoura Peninsula
Kaikoura Peninsula is the area between Christchurch and Nelson. It includes the Waipara Valley, a wonderful place to take a wine tour and relax for a day, thermal pools in Hanmer Springs and beautiful coastal tracks for a day trek. The main appeal of the Peninsula is its amazing marine wildlife. Go on a day adventure from the town of Kaikoura to go whale watching and see dolphins and seals. 

Chill at Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters and its pure air. It’s the perfect place to stargaze as New Zealand has one of the clearest skies in the world. Lake Tekapo is also a great place for some easy hiking and swimming in hot springs. You can get there by bus from Christchurch, Queenstown and Wanaka. Lake Tekapo is situated right next to Mount Cook so it’s a great place to relax right before or after completing that challenging hike. 

Paparoa National Park
Paparoa National Park is 30000ha of lush rainforest, mountain tops and secluded beaches. The closest town is Westport, 55km away, from which you can take the bus to the park. The most spectacular part of the park is the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes, rocks that have taken bizarre shapes due to seismic activity and other natural phenomena. You can also do some caving in the park. You can opt for a one or multi day hike or explore some of the caves in the park. There are camping sites inside the park and guides aren’t needed. 

Hike the Glaciers 
Fox and Franz Josef are the most beautiful glaciers in that area, also known as Glacier Country. It will take the entire day to hike through the forest that surrounds the glaciers. From there, you’ll have an amazing view of the ice. 
You can also hike the glaciers themselves. This option known as hell hike involves being dropped of on the glacier by helicopter where you will be guided by a specialist. This is an extremely popular option, be sure to reserve in advance. It will cost you about $400 but the experience is worth it. 

Explore Milford Sound in  Fiordland National Park 
Ancient rain forests, waterfalls cascading into deep black fjords, shimmering lakes, snowy peaks, this World Heritage Site is probably one of the most dramatically beautiful places you’ll see in New Zealand. Milford Sound is the most beautiful fiord in the area - Rudyard Kipling called it the eight wonder of the world. You can take a boat to cross the fjord. If you’re lucky, you might see some seals and even maybe whales. 

Hike the Routeburn in Fiordland National Park
The best way to see Fiordland National Park is to hike it.The three main walks are “the Milford”, the Kepler and the Routeburn. The most famous, the Milford, starts off Te Anau and covers 53km and takes about 4 days. It’s possible to do independently or without a guide, in which case you’ll need your own camping equipment. 

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park
Mt Cook, also known as Aoraki, ‘the cloud piercer’ in Maori, is the highest peak in New Zealand (a little over 3000m) and it’s the perfect spot for all alpine activities. The best way to get there is by car, either hired or arranged by a tour provider. You can ascend the peak without a guide but don’t underestimate it, there is no non technical way up so be prepared and equipped. To get to the summit, you’ll need about five days but if you do make it to the top, do not stand right at the summit, it’s considered an insult by the Maoris. There is no best time of the year to do it, but the most popular is between May and October. 
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India is a magic country, so vast and diverse, it would take months or even years to see it all. The Northern part of the country, because of its proximity to the Himalayas, is by far the best if you're looking for a good trek. 

Trek the Milam Glacier 
The Milam Glacier (3450m) trek is a challenging 8 day, 118km trek that starts off in Munsyari. The trail allows you to see the beautiful ancient trade route to Tibet and the spectacular gorges of the Gori Ganga River . Be sure you take all your food and water supplies for you as the villages along the route may not be able to provide it. Permits are free but you will need your passport. You can also hire a guide, porters and a cook in Munsyari if you want to trek in style. 

The Valley of Flowers National Park 
The Valley of Flowers is unlike anything you've seen before. Just imagine flowers everywhere, 87km2 of beautiful colourful flowers. It is completely worth the full day trek you will have to do to reach it. Depart from Govindghat and hike the well signposted trail until Ghangaria. The next day, you'll be able to enter the valley of flowers and take a long 6km hike through it to fully appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. 

Explore Delhi
Delhi is a dazzling and exhausting city. Ancient monuments, magnificent museums, amazing food and constant activity can be both amazing and confusing to a first time visitor. Take your time and fully embrace the culture. 

Visit Agra and the Taj Mahal
A trip to Northern India wouldn't be complete without seeing the mythical Taj Mahal. Agra is only 2 hours from Delhi by train and from there you can easily take a rickshaw that will take you there. Don't forget to visit the Agra Fort and the Fatehpur Sikri that are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. 
Paddle on Lake Nainital
Nainital is a popular destination known for its beautiful lake and forested hills that make it a perfect place to relax and take a breath of fresh air while looking at the Himalayas in the background. Naintal is easily accessible by train or bus from Delhi or the Nepal border. 

Do a pit stop in Amritsar
Amritsar is right at the border of India and Pakistan and is home to the beautiful Golden Temple, a place of daily worship fir over 100,000 people. Take the chance to witness the  border ceremony in Wagah (about 45min driving from Amritsar). It happens every day at sunset and is an impressive display of military pride. 

The Chadar Trek 
Hiking the Chadar, also known as the River Zanskar, is an unforgettable experience. This relatively easy 6 day trek involves trekking the frozen river in extreme conditions (temperatures reach 30°C). You will be camping in caves, walk by frozen waterfalls and visit remote villages. This trek can only be done with a guide. The departure point is Leh about an hour out of Delhi by plane. 

Chandrashila Trek

The Chandrashila Trek is relatively short but rewarding trek. It takes you to the world's highest Shiva temple (3600m) situated in Tungnath. You can keep trekking after the temple to reach the summit at 3900m where you'll have unbelievable views of the surroundings. Depart from Chopta and from there the trek is about 10km, doable in one day. 

Trek in Ladakh
Also known as "Little Tibet", Ladakh is a wonderful region to trek. Situated between Pakistan and Chinese-occupied Tibet, the region offers treks from low to high difficulty. One of the most scenic being the one from Lamayuru to Darcha that takes you through the Zanskar Valley. You'll start off from Leh and trek beautiful valleys, magnificent passes and stop in remote villages for 20 days. Make sure to hire guide in Leh. 
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