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Watching my yearly movie.

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So +Destiny Winchester, this one's for you! Some Destiel fanfiction for ya.


Cas was never going to make it. Dean felt a brief and furious grief that they were not going to have a chance for a happy ending. The hunter dropped down beside the former angel whose face was blanched of color, his breathing rapid and swallow. Dean was working fast to stem what looked like a gushing artery from his thigh. Cas’ eyes opened. They looked blurred. He tried to smile.

“Don’t you dare fucking die on me, Cas.”

The former angel asked faintly. “How come you came for me, Dean?”

The hunter had to work to get the words out. “I always come for you.”


“He’s asking for you,” the nurse in intensive care unit said. “Five minutes. Don’t tire him.”

Dean rose. “Is he-” The hunter abruptly ran out of air, but the nurse followed him easily enough - it was a question she was familiar with by now.

“He’s still critical but… that’s one though man.”

Dean stepped into the room. The former angel lay in a bed that was hooked up to a confusing web of monitors, an IV and oxygen. He leaned over the railing and said softly, “Hey.”

Cas’ lashes flicked and rose. His pupils were huge with whatever drugs they were pumping into him. “Hey…”

“You okay?” Dean asked anxiously.

“Yeah.” The former angel’s eyes closed again, his mouth formed the word. “Dean…”

“I’m right here,” the hunter said, leaning still closer.

“Thanks.” It was so soft Dean barely hear it. “For coming. I mean… you know.” Cas’ eyes opened, starred with emotion. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Dean said steadily and he didn’t give a damn who else heard it so long as Cas believed it.

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If I had a to pick a song that would be in the background if I ever went on a killing spree it would be Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! At The Disco.
Not sure why I was just listening to it and I thought "Hey this is a good song to kill to"
I may be insane.. I'm sorry.
So question: what song would be playing in the background for you if you went on a killing spree?

50 followers??? Holy Ish!?!?! (I apologize for my cursing. But that's me for ya) let me just say thank you to every single one of you. I know this community is lame but ehh. Just wow 50 of you are willing following this? (Are any of you being held against your will) you can tell me it's okay. Haha no seriously though thanks and enjoy this post whatever whenever and don't worry about judgement (it isn't welcome here) love all of you Kisses thrown all over the place oh and also hugs sent out too thanks

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Woo-hoo Pic of the Day! Haha I have been up since six and only got an hour of sleep! And day before I only got an hour of sleep. (I got to see Finding Dory!!) Anyways sorry...

Pic of the Day: Micheal, Feddy, Jason, and the dude from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (sorry I don't know his name) this is a picture that was taken after Wes Craven passed. The question is what was your favorite Wes Craven film or series?

My answer: obviously it is Nightmare on Elm Street. I grew up on that series and he is the reason I started watching horror films (I may have been 1 but I knew horror films) and I will forever be sad that he passed but his legacy of films will be forever.

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I have this thing where most of my sentences really do start with "But umm.." and because +Cody Bookout​ my brother loves "How I Met Your Mother" whatever he has to drink he takes a sip
And if he doesn't have a drink I have to do that drum sound they make at the end of a joke. And I know I do this. I can't help it. Like yesterday he asked me if I noticed I do it and I was like "yeah I do. But umm.. fuck.. yeah I just can't help it." So yeah I totally relate to this picture. And I love you Bubby but your an ass for making fun of me. Haha jk but you are an ass anyway.
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Oh my god it's so true!!!
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