Andrew Riddell
I feel as though my views on social media have changed because I did not understand the value of it to companies and different organizations. I think this course has really opened my eyes to how much social media has grown and how it has become one of the most influential and profitable parts of a business. Social media continues to expand globally everyday and there is no telling how big it will ultimately become in the coming years.

I plan on finishing my degree in elementary education and coaching and teach kindergarten as well as run a sports program for young children. Hopefully in the next five years both of those will be achievable.

I think that my perception of social media has changed drastically over the course of this class. Before, I did not see as great of a need for social media for companies. Sites like Instagram or Twitter did not seem as relevant for business until I learned more about social networking. I also used to think that a business's social media needed to be really formal, but I see now that they can be fun and lighthearted posts, too.

Right now I am studying agribusiness. I am not really sure exactly what I would like to do with my degree once I graduate. It is a good thing that I have the next two years to figure it out, though. Something that I will really be looking for in my dream job is interpersonal relationships with customers. I would like to avoid the area of sales, but I am looking at grain marketing right now. I would like to stay in the area where I grew up. I will hopefully get the chance to do an internship next summer to make sure this is really something I'd enjoy doing.

Coming into this class, I thoroughly disliked social networking sites and the thought of spending my time on them. However, after spending time in this class learning about social media and the platforms through which people can connect with one another virtually, I have developed a few new perceptions about and further realized the potential of social networking.

The most important thing I've learned about social media in this course is that it is ubiquitous. Whether it is utilized at home, in the workplace, or out and about, social media has spread like wildfire since its development in the early 2000's. Because social media is ubiquitous, it is also a very potent tool for individuals or groups. I did not realize before that some foreign countries (i.e. Egypt) have actually been able to overthrow their own governments via social media.

Something else that I overlooked regarding social media before this class is its usefulness in terms of business. Personally, I never connected with small or large businesses via Facebook or Instagram, but I've learned that thousands upon thousands of people choose to browse their favorite stores' social media pages quite often. Because it is ubiquitous, social media has proven to be an efficient catalyst for commerce.

Beyond learning general facts and interesting concepts about social media, I also found throughout this course that I developed a higher tolerance for time spent on such sites. I have started browsing my Facebook page's news feed roughly every day, and I even check the news every so often on my Twitter account. Before this class, I pretty much despised social networking sites and chose to abstain from even checking my Facebook for updates.

After I graduate from UNK, I hope to teach beginning band at Gering Public Schools, my alma mater. I wish to become a jack-of-all-trades in the instrumental world so that I am equipped with the necessary knowledge to give any one of my students a lesson on an instrument of their choice. Eventually, my ultimate goal is to become the head band director at Gering High School, or potentially even Scottsbluff High School, the neighboring town. I would prefer to spend the rest of my life directing middle or high school bands and helping future generations become musically and artistically adept. I hope to instill a love of learning in my future students, and specifically a love of learning of how to speak the transcendent language of music.

My view of social media didn't change a whole lot during the class. There were a few more things the grew or slightly changed my opinion and views of social media. One was being how big of a tool it can be for advertisement and another was how big of a distraction it can be. I think it will continue to grow and keep on playing an important role.

What I plan on doing after college is come back to my family's feedlot operation. My plan is to learn as much as possible for 5 years or so after that then see where it takes me. I'm excited and it's crazy that my 4 years is almost up.

Melody Gnagy (name changed above and in process of having it changed back)

This class has changed my perspective of social media. Before having taken this class I thought of social media as just a way to connect to friends and family. Also as a way to stay updated on news around the world. Now I have learned how social media is important for businesses and politics. They are able to use social media to gain more support or followers by getting their name out there. This in return is going to benefit each person or organization that chooses to use the social media site. With taking this class I also realized how much technology has changed just in the last few years and how technology is continuing to improve.

I am a senior this year and therefore I am going to graduate in the Spring of 2017. After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, I plan on getting a teaching job in Nebraska, around the Kearney area. After at least a year of teaching I will go back to school to get my Masters. Along with teaching, my plan is to get involved in coaching basketball and soccer at a high school level. During my summers off I plan on spending part of the time traveling. Currently I am planning a trip across Europe and also a few places within the states. One last idea I would love to do at some point in my life is to live in another country and teach english.

I think social media for me over the past summer semester has changed in more ways than one. For example, the idea of companies using social media to promote and advertise just because it's free. Also with how advanced the web is becoming is scary for the future ideas of technology. Along with ways to just connect and interact with people without being face to face. The thought of social media for me seems to be more negatives than positives though. Finding things out over social media rather then face to face can be a little immature. Like the the use of killing time or procrastinating rather then being education and useful. I wish the idea of todays society would step away from technology more, but I know that will never happen.

With my exercise science degree changing to a sports management degree I think I would like to become an athletic director in a college. Make a difference in student athletes lives as well as keeping connected with sports and coaching. Sky is the limit when I have no idea "what to do next."

My view of social networking has definitely changed since starting this class. I used to just think social media was a way to connect with new and old friends and did not really see it as much more. It is eye opening once you start to realize how much goes into it. For example, I never really noticed how much marketing was done on social media. Now i realize the type of power social media has in the world of business.

Will you be sending out teacher evaluations?

My perspective of social media has change during these last 8 weeks for multiple reasons. I learn more of how it can be a waste of time and can actually keep you hooked, also many things changed in my life and I dont have that liberty to waste time and chill for hours of Facebook. I think that its is great for advertisements and that it will keep changing throughout the years like when we talked about Web 3.0.

I will be graduating this Friday with a BS in Organizational & Relational Communication. I have been accepted into the Masters program at UNK to study Student Affairs. I will be working with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship part-time and also be the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. I am currently doing what I wanted to do when I became a "big boy" and loving every second of it. I am truthfully blessed and honor to work at UNK. Thanks to all for a great course.

I thought I knew a decent amount about social media before starting this class. I did not, however, realize how much went into to each site. It wasn't until I read the article about a beginners guide to Twitter and I began tweeting that I realized there is a sort of social etiquette for each site. I am still learning when it is acceptable to favorite and retweet. Something else that also became clear to me was the different crowds that one can reach depending on which site he or she is using. Facebook obviously has a very large demographic. On the other hand, Instagram is a more concentrated crowd made up of young adults.In addition to this, I also hadn't realized just how many businesses were using social media until I looked. It had become so second nature to see and follow a business online. I also really liked learning about Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, as well as, trying to predict Web 3.0. It amazes me how much I just took for granted.
As far as what I would like to do after my degree, I'm a little uncertain. As of now, I plan on getting my masters in Speech Pathology, and then my dream job would be working in a rural community in a small town school close to where I grew up. Usually when I tell people this they roll their eyes and ask me why I don't want more. I used to get offended, but then I realized that not everybody had the great small town experiences I did. I got to participate in everything and genuinely connect with those around me. I was also lucky enough to travel a little bit, and I have continued to travel throughout college. When I say I want to go back to a small town, I don't mean that I want to stay there forever and never leave. I plan to travel--I just like knowing that I can return home to a place where I was missed while I was gone.
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