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Name: Keith Dash
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: BiSexual
Height: 6'0"
Length: 8-10 Inch
Short Bio: you can read up to (/) if you'd like, this is just Little extra. Keith had been raised on the streets when he had been at the age of 13. Later on he had been taken off by a so called pharmacist. Only after five years of his stay with this pharmacist, he had developed signs of pyro-technical abilities, and a little extra Umpf Down there . (/) Over all Keith is somewhat mischievous but once you get to know him, he's a big softie. He likes to be dominant in bed and but that doesn't mean he can't be sub and his pyrotechnical touch adds a part of his charm.
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name : erica jones
age : 18
sex : female
personality : smart , kind , and shy
sexuality : bi-sexual
likes : reading , food , swimming , video games , and running
dislikes : nothing
quotes : id rather believe that time is a companion that goes on a journey with us...

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(Anyone would like to RP? Need descriptive.)
I was just a loner traveler who has saved a few times of villagers with my marvelous abilities. After I got out of my last village, I went onto another village. I took a rest near a forest and camped there for the night. That night, I look at the bright moon with a wheat straw in my mouth, and I smiled at the moon. Then, I saw something shining down behind the moon, and I widen my eyes as I realized it was a knife. I move my head to the side quickly, and then you revealed yourself. I look at you in amazement but at the same time a bit surprised
Me: Wh-who are you?

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name:kio harano
bio: loves to party, despite his appearance he fights alot, looking for new friends,and girlfriends

thx for inviting me
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