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Anyone still here?

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Name: Kai Kagakure
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Type of Reaper: Soul Reaper
Job: Ninja
Personality: Calm, reckless, caring, sardonic, loner, rushes for no reason, hot-headed at times, and very vulgar
Bio: Unknown
Ability: Take souls and gain power(sorta like Ragna's Soul Eater ability), has ice, water, and wind powers, and super speed.

Raven and Narvana are chases each other around the streets like a bunch of little kids, casting enchants on each other as we goof around. Raven trips over his cloak, the enchantment shooting past Narvana and almost hitting you in the face, Raven laying in first in the cobblestone path, laughing as he kinda sounds like a mad man when.....*

yawns walking through the wilderness my hood of my cloak down at the breeze blows my hair back my scythe in hand (Open rp?)

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Name: Narvana Delacroix
Gender: Female
Age: 213
~Death reaper~
~reaps souls with her partner~
Personality: silly, dorky and fun. Quiet around most people she don't know, and a logic thinker
Ability: she can pull souls from human bodies, and dark type spells. Can read a persons life span and use trap spells.
Weapon: a skeleton type scythe that is shared between them, or can be made to a copy when they are not reaping together.
Bio: grew up in the land of death with her fiend and partner Raven. They resp souls together or solo, but are mostly always together.

Name: Raven
Gender: Male
Age: 241
~Death reaper~
~Reaps souls with his partner~
Personality: weird, silly, and optimist. Playful, and loves to play tricks and jokes. Not really quiet
Ability: He can also remove souls from the body with his bare hands, and spells aren't his big forta, but he can do them. Brute strength is needed for his scythe. He can read the life down, but he can see if the are sick, or carry deathly diseases.
Weapon: a skeleton type scythe that is shared between them, or can be made to a copy when they are not reaping together.
Bio: pretty much the same as Narvna's.
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Name: Azrael
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Type of Reaper: Grim Reaper (Hades's son)
Job: Student
Personality: Azrael is handsome and likes to flirt with girls a lot, but sometimes he likes to scare people just for fun. He seems to think highly of himself just because his dad is the king.
Bio: Azrael gained the ability to shapeshift when he was really young, and since then has been in the form of a very attractive blonde boy, but his true form is scarier than any of his family members. He doesn't like to talk about his personal life and actually isn't really close to anyone. He always wears his cloak as a black scarf around his neck.
Ability: shapeshifting his own body and his Reaper cloak
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