Buildroot is an easy to use, fast, and simple embedded Linux build system.
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Anthony Harivel

Discussion  - 
OK I have to say that I'm very impressed with #buildroot . I've managed in less than a day to create a full config file that download from our git the u-boot, download the kernel source file from our git too, build U-boot SPL, U-boot, our Kernel + custom DTB and the RootFS in less than an hour and everything work out of the box.
And the cherry on the cake? RootFS is less than 7Mo with I2C tools, U-Boot tools, etc...

My collegue that spend days to learn Yocto will be mad !! :)

Well done to the community that has ugely improved this build environement.

+Buildroot +Atmel #sama5d3xplained  
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+Thomas Petazzoni I'm presenting the solution on Monday to my company so that we can offer to our customer the possibility to also use +Buildroot. Then I might be in charge of it, and so I might have time to work seriously with it and hopefully participate to the +Builroot enhancement.

Merci aussi à #OpenSillicium 10 pour l'article sur +Buildroot ! (l'auteur te salut au  passage! :) ) et je serais présent à l'ELC pour ta présentation sur Buildroot !   
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Thomas Petazzoni

Discussion  - 
Buildroot 2012.11 has been released a few weeks ago, see for details.
Buildroot Logo Following its traditional three months release cycle, the Buildroot project has released a few days ago the 2012.11 version of this embedded Linux build system tool. Compared to other b...
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