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~*Le Rulez*~
1.No Cussing
Allright,I know there will be Problems With this,Please ONLY Use Words Under the Badness of Damn
2.Wait to be accepted be4 RPing
Please,Please,PLEASE Wait
3.Dont be mean
Do i need to Expain this?
4.No art theaft
If We catch You your Out for good,I will Also make posts On other communitys your in,Saying you Stole art
5.Enjoy :D
Most Importantly :3


(I Own the Pic)

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Name: Star
Clan: none (loner)
Bio:Star was born ontop of a mountain and died and went to the underworld.Soon She got another chance and went back up to earth but still goes crazy when a full moon comes because she was  born on a full moon.
Pelt:all black
Eyes:shimmering blue
Details:wings, fluffy tail, purple spike.
Mane:(kinda like pic)

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