i have removed some people with out profile now you have a time limit of one day to make one or i well remove you from this community....NOT JOKING

guys im done with this

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Name: Gregorio Vanushki
Rank: General
Weapons: typically none
Loyalties: Second Russian Empire
Bio: born into a wealth Russian family in Kiev, he joined the Russian Officer Academy at 20 and quickly rose through the ranks. While he is intelligent and sensible, he is fiercely determined to achieve his goals, no matter the costs...

Ok who want to be the new owner before i leave?

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I could post a ton of pics about the Russian invasion but, this video is better ((it starts at 0:30
Check out this video on YouTube

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News Anchor: ...And now for your local forecast, Brett
View switches to a reporter, reporting from the beach near downtown San Diego
Reporter: Thanks Meagan, todays gonna be pretty warm as usual, highs in the upper 70s with winds going...
Woah, what the...Oh my god
More explosions
News Anchor: whats going on down there Brett?!
Reporter: Russian warships just offshore, have opened fire! this is an invasion, do you hear me, this is a...
Screen statics out
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a blaatle brack out any one join i not care i'm deleteing this community if no one make a profile soon

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Join the Second Russian Empire comrades!

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Name: Argent Tyrus
Rank: Commander
Factions: New Russian Empire
Weapons: UMP 45, stolen Luger
Bio: joined the Army at 18, served 5 years before joining the Imperial Academy. He is a dedicated, battle hardened soldier who will do anything for victory. He was recently appointed Commander of the division thats tasked with invading the US...
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nao's secondary mobile command and ground transport holds 25 men and one light vehicle 
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