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The Confederation of Viloria

It is unknown when the confederation began but it is speculated they began around the same time as the Infinite Empire except with the goal of controlling trade. Although this would not be achieved the Confederation would become one of the largest trading factions next to the Vanguard, this alone would spark an intense rivalry between the two factions competing for dominance over all trade until the Republic put the two in their place making the two factions share trade equally so no two factions were more dominant compared to the other. The capital city of the Confederation is Known as Kester and is the closest to the core within the Confederation.
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The Republic of Vilora ((I can't do the Above ground cities picture wise at least))

Spawned long after the Shattering from the ashes of the destroy Republic. The Republic organized itself quickly with the help of the Confederation, the two organizations pledged to help each other should the time ever come. For over 300 years the Republic strived for nothing but peace, creating weapons with no lethal settings to help them remove crime from their cities their Capital wouldn't ever be in one place as the Senate would vote every two years on which city should the Senate be hosted in for the next two years. the Senate building is currently located withing the City of Yarhnam. As for military Capabilities the Republic is tied with the Empire. The Republic is always furthering itself in technology as it is constantly trying to stay above the Empire in case the Empire was to ever war with the factions again.

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The Infinite Empire Hope there is no problem with the Empire's ideals

Spawned soon after the shattering, at first the Empire was sloppy and had no basis, no central government that is until its first Emperor discovered an old Ideal which made all equal except for the Emperor/ Empress of course. When the Emperor told his people of the Idea they seemed suspicious at first but soon conformed to its practices adopting its warlike and economic Ideals. "All men and women will be paid equal!" Is what the Emperor told them. "We will be strong!" The Emperor would tell his people. "And we will be feared!" The Emperor promised his people. Soon the Empire would begin to build massive cities they called super cities the first of which would become the capital and would be named Veluphis this city would be built underground like many of their cities in order to keep the location of the Empire a secret for years that is until they returned and attacked the faction known as the Vanguard. They practically caught the small Vanguard city off guard the Imperial forced conquered the city and razed it and replacing it with a beachhead that still stands to this day but this victory would be short lived as the Vanguard the Confederation of Vilora and the Republic of Vilora came at the Empire from all fronts warring with them for 40 years until the current Empress made peace with the Factions as long as the Empire kept its cities underground. Mostly governed by Motilis and Humans The Capital is located on the furthest fragment from the other factions much like the rest of the Imperial Cities.
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Faction Leaders
The Infinite Empire: Me
The Confederation of Vilora: +Beowulf ((Can't TAG him still))
The Republic of Vilora:
The Vanguard:
((Tell me which faction you want that's open I'm making the Lore on them now))

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