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Hey guys :3 sorry that this Community is not active, I sorta Of Grew out of Google+...I am sorry, I really don't know what to do with this community. Btw Gin is me, this is my other acc

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Sorry I'm not active on here XD

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Oc map write in the comments section for more info

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"I don't want to die"

"Rusty....well it was"

//Future Names//

//Past Names//

"I don't know"

"I'm a male"


Ginger with a white patch at the front


pink with blood stains and scars from being hit and abused

Pitbull puppy



"uh...I don't understand?"



"I don't know?"


Shy, loyal


Hunting 6/10

Fighting 3/10

Speed 7/10

Stamina 2/10

Swimming 7/10



"I only have yellow water"



He once had a nice warm loving home but one day he got left on the streets and then people took him away and abused him
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Hello this is Silver Wolf speaking I'm doing a roleplay and I have 5 characters up and ready at the moment they are...

- Painter- the African wild dog
I'm so happy I could explode
How could you be so mean
Sad Nobody likes me... But why

Ace the red Fox
Oh yeah I'm AWESOME
Oh YOU make me mad
(sad )
How could you betray me like that

- Hetalia - hyena
I'm going to kill you
Happy is my middle name
Cries.. why me no one can save me now

-Dusty-the dingo
I am dusty not rusty the dingo
Hahaha my bite is bigger than my bark
I know when I'm not wanted

Jack the jackel
Hi my name is Jack the jackel
You messed with the wrong dog
Please love me ... I need someone to be my friend

Once you have voice recorded email me at


Copy the link onto this post

good luck
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