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Night has fallen and many have retired for the night, often times leaving the library empty,though, not tonight. A shadow forms in the corner of the room, morphing to form a delicate frame before dispersing to reveal an elegant figure clothed in a dark cloak. The hood atop the forms' head casts dark shadows over it's face,though, two blood-orange eyes glow from under the swath of darkness. This figure is joined by a large death hound, his red eyes narrowed in contempt as he observes his companion and a low growl resonates deep in his throat. Hush, Baynes. The voice is feminine and comes from the cloaked frame... (open rp.. do you wanna take this +Azunya Roleplays ?)

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The forest is shrouded in the ghostly light of the moon, and the lake of souls' becomes and ever-rippling mirror of twilight. Few souls are out on this night,for it is a house rule. Despite this, a lone figure stands on the bank, her long dark hair stirred by the wind. Her bright, blood -orange eyes deep pools of emotion. Shadows weave in coils around her frame despite the light and even though the dark forms hug close, her expression is that of a lonely soul as she watches her reflection... (open rp, I roleplay in first person. This is just from your point of view)

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"U-um... Hello..."

~ Name - Amilia Lilliana Oathwood

~ Nickname - Ami or Lilli

~ Age - 13

~ Gender - Female

~ Species - A minor reaper, her sister got more of the reaper qualities.

~ Appearance - Amilia has red eyes and hair that changed color depending on mood or position. Her hair is normally a dirty blond (1st pic) but changed to white (2nd pic when she gets excited or really happy. Her hair turns purple when she feels threatened or when she's fighting. It also sometimes changes purple when she's stressed, but that doesn't happen often. Her clothes also correspond with the hair, and can get annoying when it changes, since everyone knows how you feel by the color of your hair and clothes.

~ Weapon - A black scythe with gold and silver lining.

~ Magic
- Summon : Amilia summons dark spirits that control your mind for a few seconds with fear and doubt. This leaves targets dazed for a while, giving a change to attack.

- Speed : Amilia's scythe glows, getting more attack speed for a duration of 30 seconds. (Only attack speed, not speed in general)

- Red Crimson Hear Me : Amilia can manipulate the blood of the target to act weird, and can even go to full measure as to stop the heart from beating, but it takes too long time when fighting that there is never a chance or a use.

- Blood Field : Amilia creates a field made out of the opponent(s) blood and makes it into a wall surrounding the target(s). If the target does not surrender after knowing the consequences, they will die. The walls of blood can be broken, but since it is made out of the opponent(s) blood it would hurt them when they attack it. This spell is rarely used because it requires a lot of time to activate and can be exhausting afterwards.

~ Relationship status - Single, but too young to have relationships.

~ Personality - Although her species are usually very aggressive, Amilia is a very shy and clumsy person when around strangers. She does not have many friends, but for her friends she always talks sarcasm a lot and likes to be the joker. She likes to settle things with light fighting first, but sometimes there is no choice. Amilia has always wanted to reunite with her long lost sister, who killed their parents before.

~ Bio - Life was great, me, my sister, and our parents lived in the house of outcasts where we lived happily. My sister occasionally had episodes where she turned into her beast mode, and I was always scared but I knew most episodes would be only for a short period of time, but in one episode she started to brutally attack our parents. I was screaming and screaming at her to stop and realize what she was doing before I realized she might kill me too. I ran away, off to the woods so that I wouldn't get killed by my chaotic sister. I lived in the woods and somehow managed to survive for 6 years until I decided to wander off. When I got to their side of the forest, there was the home that I grew up in looming upon me. There was a person there. I went up to her asking where I was. She told me that I was at the house of outcasts, where dark species lurk and become better. I decided this was a great opportunity to stand up to my sister, so I asked for enrollment. She laughed and said there wasn't anything called enrollment, and after knowing that I was a reaper, directed me to the class of reapers. From here on out I decided to stay at the house of outcasts to look for my sister Anithia Lilith Oathwood. Who knows? She may be the headmistriss... ( +kitty anime )
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so,just a random quote from my character before I head too school
"I try to fill the void with strangers, I try too stop my loneliness,but, it only make me feel lonelier. Unlike them I am not just misunderstood... I am a monster. This beast, this thing inside of me. It kills for pleasure,not for food. It fights because it can,not because it has too and I am just too...weak..."

Sometimes human mobs find their way onto the front yard of the manor,and usually stay well into the night,but, by morning they are all gone... I wonder why?

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Name: Jaxx
age: 3 (21 in dog years)
Species: Demon (actually an Aresos, a species im working on thats a wolf/dog/deer hybrid, but he is a speed demon)
Weapon: fire from his bracelets
Realationship Statues: Single
Personality: mischievous, secretive, antisocial, sarcastic/rude
Bio: not yet finished
Art below is not mine
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Name: Anthia Lilith Oathswood (Anthia ameans "Flower" and Lilith means "of the night" hence "Flower of the Night")
age: 17
Gender: female
Species: Reaper: Beast of death (exact species unknown) but she prefers to be called "Dark mistress"
appearance: Long hair the color of the night, blood -orange eyes. she has Two forms one of an elgant black and white wolf and the other, a beastly form she was cursed to possess. She normally shifts into such a beast when her heart rate increases. (angry or excited)
Weapon: A silver-blessed scythe
Summoning (summons death hounds,grimms, and dragolich)
Shadow magic
Dables in necromancy (only for the purpose of summoning a dragolich, she prefers to let the dead rest peacefully)
Relationship status: single (heterosexual/straight)
Personality: Cunning, intelligent, alluring, dauntless, Placid, and loving. She loves flowers, sunlight,moonlight,reading, going on outings, singing, and playing the harp and violin. Dislikes being pushed, being disturbed, and anything disruptive to the tranquility of her household.
Bio She is the newest mistress of the House and she has offered many of the misunderstood a home within her walls,away from the prosecution of humans. She is young yet a force to be feared and she has deep connections with reapers and most "Heralds of death" as she calls them,thus, they seem to favor her.
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Profile requirements:
Relationship status:

Locations Info:
The house of outcasts is a large castle in the middle of nowhere. Home to the Oathwood Family and their youngest house master (or mistress) the house has yet too see.

Head office- Where you can find the mistress of the house, most of the time. This is where she sleeps,eats, and works.

Schooling- It is exactly what it sounds like. The land owned by the House is enormous and includes a school for thoose who wish the continue their education,but, the classes are specifically taught to certain species.

The great hall- A grand hall that connects every room of the house,so one may never get lost.

Forest of old- an ancient forest that has surrounded the castle (or house) for centuries. It is home to many wild creatures and guests not welcome within the manor.

Lake of souls- popular spot for couples and those who enjoy a serene stroll around a lake of the clearest water. The lake is said to reveal the true nature of whomever stares into it's depths.

Library- A vast jungle of literature a few doors down from the Head office. It is marked with two large and intricately designed oak doors.

Fae wilds- Home to the fae,though, it is forbidden to enter unless you are invited. High risk of going mad.

Every morning the head mistress greats everyone and wishes them a good day and every night she wishes everyone a good night (gatherings are in the great hall) that is all you really need too know. Oh and lunch is in the dining hall.
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