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In the video below, I talk about since of the games I want to run in the next year. Have a look! What games are you looking forward to playing in 2017?

U-Con 2016 totally ROCKED! The staff outdid themselves yet again. Waiting for U-Con 2017

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** U-Con 2016 Feedback Survey **

We miss you already! So, we wanted to check in one last time.

Before it drifts from your mind, could we trouble you for some feedback?

If you would, please answer our survey here:

It normally takes 10 min. to fill out, unless you have lots and lots of things to praise or curse. :-) We don't mind either way.

Your input is really valuable to us in helping us up our game next year.

See you Nov 17-19 2017 at Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti, Eagle Crest for U-Con 2017.

Thanks from all of us at U-Con!

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I had a great time Role-playing at the con. I didn't get everyone's name but I played events for Dungeon World and Blades in the Dark. And at Games on Demand I played great games of Fiasco and Dread. If anyone wants to get together for some Indy RPGs you can find me here.

Thanks again!

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Hello Attendees!

Some Special Event reminders,

** Scavenger Hunt **
We have the 4th annual Scavenger Hunt going today from 10a-10p, "The Curious Cape-and-Cutlass Crusade" can be played for free. Just go to Registration to sign up


** The U-Con Annual Auction **
Looking for some great deals?
Come bid on some fascinating memorabilia and games!
Come see our very own Joe Saul run the program with his usual wit and panache!
1p in Auditorium 1


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See you all there!
Sweet Christmas! We have a lot of NOVA6 going on at U-Con Gaming Convention and fresh off the heels of Metatopia playtesting.

+Narosia, Novapunk, Mercurial: Delvers of Azoth, Victorian Dresden, Pulp Sci-Fi, and Atomic Sky.
+Ryan O'Grady will be running and adventure for Mercural: Delvers of Azoth called Cult of the Serpent God. This swords and sorcery style adventure is set in the arcanopunk wasteland of a post-apocalyptic 14th century Eurasia where mercury is magic. Don't bother letting that sink in... just show up Sat at 2pm or 8pm.

Ryan and I will both be running Novapunk adventures using the magic and races from our Sorcery and Steel fantasy splatbook for NOVA6. It's an opportunity to "run the shadows" as it were.

+Dale Barnes will be running Dweomer by Gaslight and Zepplins over Jupiter which are as awesome as they sound. All powered by NOVA6. Take your pick: magic and monsters in 19th century England, set in the world of the Dresden Files, or retro-sci-fi future past 1938.

I will be running an adventure called The Haunted Hills for +Narosia: Sea of Tears, our complete fantasy setting for NOVA6. This is one episode of our upcoming Village of Gillkas adventure kit, written by +Brendan LaSalle (who will also be at U-Con!!!)

And last, but not least, Atomic Sky on Sunday at 2pm. This is the NOVA6 guide to a retrofuture atomic wasteland which might scratch whatever itching you have from exposure to fallout... if you know what I mean ;)

It is going to be a good con for sure!

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Volunteer with us!

If you'd like to volunteer, and our Volunteer Coordinator, Mindy, has not contacted you yet, please follow the link below to our Volunteer Application and fill it out. Or post below in the comments section and Mindy will PM you.

Volunteers are still needed on Friday evening, some Saturday spots both AM and PM, and a few shifts on Sunday.

We are able to work in volunteering hours in 2-hour increments if you'd like.

You can find the volunteer application, and info about volunteering and compensation here:

We look forward to working with you!

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Hi there,
U-Con is a completely volunteer-run, donor-supported organization. Today, I am very pleased to announce our fantastic Prize Support Donors, especially ACD Distributing for their generous donation of 42 games!

Thank you ACD Distributing and all our other Prize Support Donors listed here:

P.S. If you actually check out our Prize Support Donor page, you'll find that one of our donors has provided a special puzzle for U-Con. See if you can find it and solve it. Our webpage has all the details. If you're the first submitter TO THE DONOR NOT U-CON as listed you can receive a prize from them. Good luck!

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Just a reminder,

At the stroke of midnight tonight Wed 11/2, U-Con's ONLINE registration will be closing.


So if you STILL haven't gotten around to booking your game time, here's a handy link that should help:

(But fret not, if you've been scads of busy and don't have time, we'll be ready for you at the U-Con ONSITE Registration counter Fri 11/11, 8a sharp.)

We also blogged our REG MATERIALS PICK-UP SCHEDULE for your reference at:

See you's soon!

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Wait, don't put those costumes away.. U-Con's having a Sentinels of the Multiverse Look-alike Contest!

Come dressed as your favorite (or least favorite) SotM character or villain. Come in your finest (or grungiest) for saving (or destroying) the world!

Merit awarded for resemblance, creativity, irony and humor. Compete for honor, glory and fabulous token prizes. Judged by SotM designer, GoH Christopher Badell himself.

Fri, 11/11 11p-1a at the View Bar in Mariott Eagle Crest hotel lobby.

Event details at:

Costuming Policy at:
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