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•Basic info•
Name: Alik Kalajian
Nickname: Alik
D.O.B (Date of Birth): unknown
Age: The same age as Snoutlout
Currently living: the island next to the Dragon Rider's Base
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black hair tied back into a braid, green eyes, a shirt like astrids but with dragon scale like things and a skirt with leather straps

Mother: Unknow
Father: Unknown
Brother: unknown
Sister: Uknown
other family members: None

•physical features•
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 102 pounds
Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): none
Other noticeable mark(s): none
Physical strength(s): Speed
Physical weakness(es): None

•about him/her•
Personality: Smart, quick thinker, prankster
Likes: Dragons (especially Lair, her dragon), sheep, nature, the dragon riders
Dislikes: dragon hunters (especially Dagger)
Sexuality: Straight
Theme Song: little did you know by Alex and Sierra
Picture is of Lair the Flightmare

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traits:loyal,smart,aggresive at times,defencive,scared towards humans,stubbern
past:her family was killed by hunters
mate:none yet
crush:Toothless(any other male dragon she gets intrested in)
breed:Night fury
Strengths:she can blend in with the night and only be seen blocking the stars,she knows many tricks and she learns fast.
weaknesses: her anger , her need for revenge.
likes:darkness,revenge, salmon
hates:humans,other dragons,noise


Night awakes in the cave she slept in which was right by humans(dragons edge) it was night time and the moon was high it was a full moon, perfect time to hunt(open)

Night flew through the night sky her wings not makeing a noise,(httd 1 time before vikeings were friends with dragons:open)

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Name: Blue
Gender: female
Age: 12
Breed: night fury
Appearance: (everything including eyes and stuff like that) in the pic below
Strengths: can blend in during night and day
Weaknesses: is clumsy, adventurous, is still a young fury
Likes: being friends with other dragons and flying
Dislikes: being bullied and killing
Background: parents where killed by Vikings and was left to die(PS they where killed before the death of red death)
rider: none yet
Extra: she is a wild dragon
Theme song: I am the voice of the wolf ( I just noticed that her theme song and Berk are both Scottish)

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This is blues theme song

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Alex was wandering around his home with his two night furry dragon friends. He stumbles upon a Viking camp and heads off to investigate. He hides Bing a thick line of trees to get a good view of the camp, but can't see enough. He moves closer and hides inside a thick bush. He peeks through and sees multiple Vikings eating food and drinking. He notices them tossing some of their food aside and then sees something shocking. He sees a bunch of dragons eating the food and popping their heads out from behind the tents. What was going on and why were those dragons with humans? He really didn't know, but he didn't want to find out. He never trusted humans. He hides back in the bush but trips and falls over. He rolls and lands into the campsite.

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+Insanity The Wolf

Glitter is flying around the forest, cutting off the tops of trees. She soars up before landing and creating a circle of fire around her. You....

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Glitter is flying just above the water surface, her wings touching the water. She soars up, making a wave of water go flying into the air. She spins in a spiral, making the water look pretty, you...
(Open +Insanity The Wolf)

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Glitter and Twister are racing across the skies. Glitter zooms forward, spiralling. They both land in the forest. (Open +Insanity The Wolf)
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