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Welcome everyone ^-^ enjoy your stay!


1) Don't post anything regarding a reshare

2) You can do wutevah you want as long as you have a profile :P

3) No violence! (Unless roleplaying :3)

Dats it for now x3

Verin nice

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Yay! He should rule the YouTube nation!

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Rl Info:
Name: Daniel James Howell
Nickname: Dan
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: 11th of June
Sexuality: Straight (At least, he says so)
Best friend: Phil Lester

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Name: Glitchiplier
Nickname: Glitchy
Hard drive age: 2,000
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Likes: Messing up people computers, hard drives, Mark.
Dislike: Darkimoo, when mark is happy-go-luck, when Google crying, people bothering him
Loves: Googleplier

Personality: Nice (most of the time), Kind (most of the time), caring (most of the time), sarcastic, loves to annoy people, annoying sometimes, clingy

Top of tha morning to ya ladies my name is ANTISEPTICEYE FEAR ME

Mark x wade aka markiwade roleplay you in? If so i call mark

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Nobody hate on me for shipping Septiplier!
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Mark was really the one that taught me how to laugh at stupid things!XD

Anyone up for a rp? Please?
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