openejb.deploymentId.format = {appId}/{ejbJarId}/{ejbName}

Solved multiple same deployment-id conundrum.

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I found "redictulous" word at

What does it means?

I successfully migrated new API projects(stateless, singleton and webservice) into TomEE. The datasources created in tomee.xml are referred with @DataSource annotation. Its really saved me from rewriting resource lookup code. 

Furthermore EJBs annotations works without any changes which previous I thought only works in Glassfish.

TomEE is beautiful(so far)..:-)

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Hi, I am currently working on new API project which currently running in Weblogic. My first impression is TomEE is really fast!! as fast as nearly Tomcat. 


#update  As 2014 Dec 31 our tomee ejb3[js-ws] currently accepting and processing 30k requests per minute. Now thinking of scaling tomee box to 80k requests per minute. 

I am looking forward of how to scale with tomee.

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No direct relation to TomEE, but might be interesting

I just finished a proof of concept project for a client where we build a complete system using Activiti and Drools in a Tomee 1.6.0. container. We had no problems whatsoever using these inherent spring frameworks with Tomee. 
Tomee and Arquillian made it quite easy to test just about everything we wanted to test. 

We are very satisfied with the way we could develop fast and easy using Tomee. The only gripe we had (and still have) is the logging of tomee. Way too complicated!

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Fun User Story: I used Apache TomEE and CDI events to implement a lightweight and fast ESB. Endpoints were exposed using JAX-RS annotations and I used the Jersey client for delivery to downstream services.

The marketing director, impressed with the capabilities of the system, asked if he could be showered with confetti or have strobe lights go off when messages entered the bus.

This was a pretty easy accomplishment using a RaspberryPi, Java8, the WiringPi library, and of course TomEE. After a trip to Home Depot on drunken saturday night with my civil engineer buddy, we assembled a 7 foot air cannon. We used an electronically controlled sprinkler valve to release the air and a few relays and other supporting electronic components.

The Apache TomEE instance on the RaspberryPi was setup to connect to the ActiveMQ broken on our production system and listen on a messaging Topic. Anyway, enjoy the pix:
TomEE Powered AirCannon
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For those considering an architectural change to their integration service.  we were a purely SoftwareAG/wM shop ... decision was made to move from "data" centric integration to RESTful service architecture.

we attended this year's JavaOne and upon return took a crack at bringing up a JEE6 web profile container ... first try was WebLogic - a day later it was still failing to even start.  next try was JBoss - a day went by and no luck and no help.  we saw Mr. Blevins' presentation at JavaOne (easily the best) and thought "why not try it".  2 hours later TomEE-150 was up and running and a simple RESTful service for internal pricing was in unit test.

Our team's experience is strictly tangential in terms of App servers which makes the 2 hours from install to unit test all the more amazing. TomEE is, so far, simply amazing.  Our biggest challenge is getting over the "tribal" knowledge curve of what "not" to do with all that is within TomEE - so many ways to handle CDI, security, extension we will surely refactor things many more times than a team with years of history.

but ... to TomEE's credit it is hands down a simple and stable product.  we have just 5 apps running inside it, but thru 2 months of letting development hit it from all sides it's never once had a hiccup.

"Thank you" to Mr. Blevin's presentation and EVERYONE behind the scenes that contributed to TomEE 150 and beyond - it's an amazingly pure, stable and simple to manage JEE6 web profile container.

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I have no idea if people are in any way interested in this. I started a stupid little small project to play a bit with some ideas. It combines Tomee, REST and Jade and is intended to run on my PI you can check it out here:

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I sent this to the openejb user mail list, but wanted to share this here as well, for those that may see us here on Google+, and may not be receiving/reading/watching openejb user mail list. See below. :)

I just wanted to let you all know, that I am a new user, using TomEE. I started using TomEE 1.5.1 SNAPSHOT, then TomEE 1.5.1, and now TomEE 1.5.2 SNAPSHOT...on my Windows Server 2003 32bit 4GB RAM production server. It is running very well. I like to monitor the log files for TomEE exceptions (like LOCK errors related to @Schedule methods in @Singleton beans), and exceptions caused by my web app.

I am pleased to report that I am seeing NO errors in the log files, and TomEE 1.5.2 SNAPSHOT is running really well!

Recently, I added multiple @Schedule methods to ONE @Singleton bean, and i ran into LOCK errors/exceptions, so I resolved that by moving the @Schedule methods to their own @Singleton bean. Today/yesterday, I just recognized the TomEE Schedule Methods example [1], so I'm planning to use the sample code provided in that example and move the @Schedule methods back to one @Singleton bean and monitor how it production. :)

Thank you TomEE/OpenEJB committers/users!!!

I'm loving TomEE!!!

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