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AWS Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to AWS & Cloud Computing Part 1 2017 | Amazon Web Services


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How to make work in Tomcat5.5? I tried using JAVA_OPTS, CATALINA_OPTS, none is working. Am I missing something?

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openejb.deploymentId.format = {appId}/{ejbJarId}/{ejbName}

Solved multiple same deployment-id conundrum.

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Writing a book is a journey. At the beginning of the journey, you mostly know where you want to go, but have only vague notion of the way to get there and the time it will take. I’ve finally released the paperback version of Integration Testing from the Trenches on Amazon and that means this specific journey is at end.

The book starts by a very generic discussion about testing and continues by defining Integration Testing in comparison to Unit Testing. The next chapter compares the respective merits of #JUnit   and #TestNG . It is followed by complete description on how to make a design testable: what works for Unit Testing works also for Integration Testing. Testing in software relies on automation, so that specific usage of the #Maven  build tool is described in regard to Integration Testing – as well as #Gradle . Dependencies on external resources make integration tests more fragile so faking those make them more robust. Those resources include: databases, the file system, #SOAP  and #REST  web services, etc. The most important dependency in any application is the container. The last chapters are dedicated to the Spring framework, including #Spring  MVC and #JavaEE  .

In this journey, I also dared ask +Josh Long  of Spring fame and +Aslak Knutsen team lead of the #Arquillian  project to write a foreword to the book – and I’ve been delighted to have them both answer positively. Thank you guys!

I’ve also talked on the subject at some JUG and European conferences: JavaDay Kiev, Joker, Agile Tour London, and JUG Lyon and will again at JavaLand, DevIt, TopConf Romania and GeeCon. I hope that by doing so, Integration Testing will be used more effectively on projects and with bigger ROI.
Should you want to go further, the book is available in multiple formats:

- A paperback version on #Amazon  for $49.99 (
- Electronic versions for Mac, Kindle and plain old PDF on #Leanpub  ( The pricing here is more open, starting from $21.10 with a suggested price of $31.65. Note you can get it in all formats to read on all your devices.

If you’re already a reader and you like it, please feel free to recommend it. If you don’t, I welcome your feedback in the comments section. Of course, if neither – I encourage you to get a book and see for yourself!

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I am wondering could stateless session be clustered inside TomEE cluster.

I successfully migrated new API projects(stateless, singleton and webservice) into TomEE. The datasources created in tomee.xml are referred with @DataSource annotation. Its really saved me from rewriting resource lookup code. 

Furthermore EJBs annotations works without any changes which previous I thought only works in Glassfish.

TomEE is beautiful(so far)..:-)

#Tomcat  , #TomEE   
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